I’m always preaching that you need to feel the feelings of what it is you want NOW, in order to attract it into your reality.

It’s no different when it comes to money. You need to not only think rich, but you need to FEEL rich in order to attract more money and abundance into your life.

I do realize that can sometimes be easier said than done… especially when your bank account is slowly (or quickly) dwindling down to nothing.

But it is definitely possible and today I’m going to teach you 5 ways to feel rich when you don’t have a lot of money.


I know I’ve said this many, many times before (and will say it many, many times again), but it’s that important.

Gratitude is the new black peeps.

And it will always be step #1 for escaping a lack mentality, plus it builds momentum for the other steps.

Look around and get grateful for what’s present in your life right now.

Maybe your bank account is low, but do you have a home? Do you have your health? Great peeps in your life? Your laptop? Your iPhone? If nothing else, are you breathing?

Just pick something and watch it grow. Gratitude easily snowballs.


Now that you’re in a place of gratitude we’re going to kick it up a notch.

I want you to start seeing the money that you DO have. Tune into the money that is all around you.  It is there and WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS….

You can start by loving your bank account NOW. No matter what state it’s in.

Got CC debt? Be grateful! That’s right, thank those cards for having your back!

Is your account in the negative? Getting slammed with overdraft fees? Be grateful it’s not MORE than it is! It can always be worse…
(also try calling your bank because most of these can be removed with a little coaxing and coercion)

Receive an unexpected discount in the mail? Count it! Get a buy one get one free coupon? Count it.
Cable bill screwed up in your favor? COUNT IT.

All of these little things add up and will pull you out of a lack mentality. Before you know it you’ll be receiving all kinds of random money like finding 20 bucks in a parking lot to unexpected checks in the mail (my fave!)

The more you see it, the more you’ll see it.


Careful here, there is a method to generosity.

In order to attract abundance you must be giving off a vibe of having more than enough. Generosity is an awesome way of doing that, IF and only if, it is authentic.

When you give with any expectation for something in return, whether it’s money, a gift of equal value or even something like a compliment or love, that is NOT true generosity.

This is very important so listen up, the feeling of being “owed” something keeps you vibing in a place of lack.

True generosity is giving without expectation of receiving anything in return. And you don’t need to spend any money to create those feelings.

If you’re stumped, here are a few ways to give without spending any money:

Give your time
Give support – emotional or otherwise.
Give compliments! Tell someone why you appreciate them.
Give advice and share your knowledge if it can help someone else.


Share what you DO have. Resources, food, information, love, etc. The list goes on and on.

In fact, even sharing this blog post will create feelings of generosity, which will in turn make you rich ; )


Be creative and ask yourself what you could do to make yourself feel rich, abundant and luxurious right now?

One of the things I like to do is pamper myself with a spa like bath, then wrap myself in cashmere and/or in linen. Light one of my lovely scented candles and lounge, read magazines or fill up shopping carts online of “what I am getting” (not what I will get in the future, I act as if I am getting it now.)

This is what works for me and my brain, but what makes YOU feel luxurious?

Do you have a certain outfit that feels rich? An accessory maybe? Does taking really good care of yourself make you feel rich? Doing yoga and drinking green juice? Eating high quality food? Not settling for less than what you want?

Do you have something that’s “special” that you’re saving for a special occasion? A piece of clothing? A pair of shoes? A bottle of wine?

Wear it or drink it now!

Making it “special” is another way of saying you don’t deserve that level of quality on a daily basis. You do! And once you get comfortable with that level of quality, you will have a new level of quality to get used to. See how this all works?

Here’s an exercise to build your “treat myself like royalty” muscle if you get stuck.

Give yourself a ridiculously high spending limit and then spend it.

For example you have 1 million dollars that must be spent in 24 hours. How would you spend it? Make a list, look through catalogs and fill up your virtual shopping carts. Get on it.

Disclaimer: This is imaginary money, but it will help you get into a feeling of financial abundance. It also keeps your imagination active and keeps you visualizing what will be around you and what your life will be like when you are rich. And it’s fun.

All good things.


Ok if I’m honest, which I am, I am going to have to admit that I’m definitely the pot calling the kettle black on this one.

I have a severe independent streak and in the past I have pretty much SUCKED at receiving or accepting gifts and/or help of any kind. I can barely take the discomfort of someone buying me a cup of coffee, but I know this small way of thinking is not adding to the quality of my life.

It’s something that I’m consciously working on and if it’s resonating with you in any way, I advise you to start working on it too.

Here’s why.

When we push away help from people or sources other than ourselves, we are basically telling the U that he was wrong to deliver what we want or need in that way.

I’m not just talking about cash here either.

It could be refusing to let someone help you carry groceries or maybe you feel uncomfortable accepting money for your very valuable products and services or maybe you have a hard time accepting a gift or even a compliment.

There are money sources and “gifts” all around us, but if we refuse them because they didn’t come from our bank account or show up in the way we think they should, then we are stopping the U’s flow of abundance. When we stop the flow of abundance, we get the opposite of abundance. That’s not a good time, although, it may be more comfortable for many of us.

I know it can be hard to allow and receive in this way because it’s very hard for me, but it needs to be done if you want to take your bank account to the next level. (whatever that may be for you)

When someone offers assistance, any kind of assistance, be grateful and allow yourself to take it!

If you feel you need permission, consider it granted.

And if you’re still uncomfortable use this script until you get used to it, “I would normally argue and not accept this, but Susan said that I had to for my own good” Tweak it however you need to, just start accepting!

When you do start to accept these gifts from others it does a couple of very important things for you.

It sends a vibe of abundance yes, but it’s also telling the U that you’re worth it and that you deserve it. It says that you are good enough to receive. And when you vibe at a place of deserving to receive, guess what happens? You freaking receive.

Done & done.

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  1. Anne Omland

    Great post, Susan! I love your energy and of course, your advice. I recently started really paying attention to the little gifts that show up in my life (#2) and it’s amazing the difference in how I see things. For example, I just got a free cup of tea out of the blue from the local shop- done, accepted, love it! It’s not cash but it’s still a gift. Thanks for the reminder! I also love this line “There are money sources and “gifts” all around us, but if we refuse them because they didn’t come from our bank account or show up in the way we think they should, then we are stopping the U’s flow of abundance.” So so true! Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  2. Erin

    I always encourage my patient’s to accept compliments graciously as a way to begin to get comfortable receiving. When I was struggling with finances as I grew my practice, I never denied myself organic produce or fresh flowers. A beautiful $5 bouquet and magnificent farmers market strawberries can go a long way toward feeling luxurious!

    1. Susan Post author

      Agreed on the organics and flowers and I love that you use compliments as a gate way! Such a great place to start!

  3. Dana

    I look forward to reading your blog every week. You are very inspiring and the positive energy is very contagious. I have been changing my thought patterns and have seen personal growth, so thank you. I agree with you fully that gratitude is a life changing attitude. Once gratitude sets in, many aspects of life start to align (if that makes sense?). The hardest part for me is receiving. This is an area that I need to work on.

    1. Susan Post author

      Thank you SO much!! That makes me super happy to hear!

      Receiving is definitely a tough one for a lot of women. I love what Erin said above in the comments though, starting with compliments is a great way to begin getting comfortable. If you feel like you don’t get enough start giving more of them. They’ll come back at you : )

  4. Jennifer S

    Love the tips! I struggle all the time when trying to conjure up the feeling of abundance since my bank acct is mostly in the negative these days due to a divorce. I could definitely accept help and allow myself to receive; that’s been hard for me my entire life. I’m gonna print this out and put it on my fridge so I can be reminded regularly of these tips and start putting them into practice. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nat

    Love it. Good stuff! Passed it on to Frank because #3 is something that’s come up for us, so this may be helpful 🙂

    And I’ve gotten better at #5. I still have a hard time sometimes receiving compliments! “I really like your shirt” – “Oh, thanks. It kinda shrunk/got stained here/whatever” and if there’s nothing I feel kinda uncomfortable. It’s the worst if I’m complimented on my face or something. I have this thing about not having done anything to look the way I do (my weight, sure, but not my bone structure, etc., which are genetic), so I basically don’t deserve the compliments. It’s the hardest if they come from a stranger or new acquaintance. I’ve gotten better at just saying “thank you” and leaving it at that, but lately I’ve felt pressured to say something back to make it “even”. ?! Ha. Any thoughts on that, Alanis? 🙂

    1. Susan Post author

      Oh my dearest Natalia….

      #1 I know you and you are beautiful. How’d that feel? It’s a muscle work it out girl. Start telling yourself. In the mirror. With some emotion behind it. Push through the weirdness and before you know you’ll be loving yourself up and possibly dancing in your underwear every time you pass the bathroom. (I speak from experience) If you want to kick it up a notch, include Frank 🙂

      #2 Many peeps believe that we actually choose our parents and the way we will look before we get here. In which case, you are then responsible for how you look. Even if you just chose your parents alone you’re still kinda responsible.

      #3 Do you agree that a person’s demeanor and personality can dramatically affect their appearance?
      Think about how someone you initial didn’t find attractive begins to look better and better as you get to know them, or someone who was drop dead gorgeous, but quickly became ugly as hell as soon as they opened their mouth. When someone is admiring you it’s not always just the physical, chances are you’re also giving off a lovely vibe as well.

      We human’s have the ability to be either horrid or beautiful and we are in control of that.

      So those are my thoughts and I”m stickin’ to ’em.
      xx – A.

      1. Nat

        Susan! You sweet bastard. (Meant in the most loving way <3) I tried Louise Hay's exercise of looking at myself in the mirror and saying "I love you" and that shit was hard. Still doesn't feel too sincere or real when I say it. Still weird. But not awful like at the beginning 🙂 And instead of "beautiful" I'd rather say something like "a genius" or "super awesomesauce." Any thoughts on that?

        "a person’s demeanor and personality can dramatically affect their appearance" — yes! That's how I ended up dating 3 ugly guys. Hahaha.

        Love your thoughts, A. Thank you. <3

        1. Susan Post author

          Haha! And of course I have some thoughts on that….

          There is most certainly nothing wrong with being genius or awesome, but you can be all of those things AND beautiful.

          Does it it feel wrong or “bad” in some way to want to feel beautiful? Or to be labeled as beautiful? Cause being beautiful is no better or worse than being genius or awesome, but I’m sensing you have a deeper or different meaning attached to it?

          1. Nat

            Hmm! I just put a lot more weight on brains than on looks. I’m reminded of those silly “women’s magazines” quizzes I unfortunately read as a tween which would ask if you’d rather be called pretty or smart. Which in turn reminds me of YOU always telling me I can have BOTH A and B. What a revolutionary concept 🙂

  6. Kali

    Thank you for this gem Susan! It’s super digestible and simple to follow which I appreciate. Keep the abundance lessons coming! Can’t wait to follow some of these suggestions 🙂 You rock!

  7. Angel

    I sooo suck at receiving! Compliments gifts cash, whatever it is I often feel like I owe something in return.
    Love the “because Sue said so”. I have been telling myself that for weeks and it works!

  8. Jennifer Kennedy

    I need to get aboard the gratitude train. For a while, I was doing well with creating a gratitude list every morning before heading out the door, but I’ve since stopped that practice. It really helped me realize that even though I have problems in one area, I’m abundant in others.

    So, you’ve definitely inspired me to get back to my gratitude list so that I have the recognition of what I’m grateful for in my life!

  9. Sarah Weir

    Have been feeling this in my life lately. Finally understanding it.
    Something that I do to remain grateful and “grow” my money is- well, 2 things I guess,
    ONe of them is that I pick up coins whenever I see them. In the parking lot, on the car floor, grocery store- whatever. It may be just a coin but they add up and I think of it like a little blessing. Like it was left there for me as help.
    Als0- with those coins- I put them in little terracotta pots. I have one in my bedroom and one in my kitchen. I use the coins like “seeds” and I think of putting them in these pots as “growing money”. 🙂
    It helps me stay positive and create a feeling of abundance 🙂

    1. Susan Post author

      Sarah I love the pot idea!! And I love that you find change!! That’s great because the U works in pay it forward motion. Not a bartering system like we humans tend to use.

      A game that I play (with myself haha) is that whenever I drop change (which is quite often, spill the wallet etc…) I never pick it up. I always leave it for someone who needs it more than I do. 🙂 But if I find a 20 on the sidewalk… Thank you U!

  10. Sonia

    Hi Susan, loved reading this post.. I’ve been struggling with receiving something for a few weeks – free family vacation. I keep thinking, I should have more money in the account, or I’ll save it for the summer, first I need to do this before I can pick up and go.My logical side is saying that even if it’s free I will spend $ there and now isn’t the time. Then there is the side of me who is saying – this is the abundance and freedom you were asking for – tell the universe heck ya and trust that when I come back $ will flow in…

    Should I receive or not? : )

    1. Susan Post author

      Awesome question Sonia! The decision all depends on both how you feel and ultimately what you truly believe.

      I have a high threshold for risk when it comes to money. Meaning I can take it pretty far on faith and I truly believe in the core of my being that the U has my back. And he always does. But only because I BELIEVE he will and I expect it. (Expect, not hope. Big difference)

      If your belief that the money will flow in after the fact is NOT solid, your vacay will only breed stress and worry (which will push the money away). The trick is getting yourself into a place of faith. You can start by seeing and “proving” to yourself and your sub-C that money is all around you with the exercise in step #2.

      The other thing you can do is to plan for worst case scenario. This helps people who have a lower threshold for money risk. That means come up with a back up plan of action should the money NOT flow in. Then you can relax and enjoy the vacay stress and worry free. This will allow you to detach and stay in a calm and joyful state on your vacay increasing your chances of reeling in the money.

      Make sense? It’s really all a big game 🙂

  11. Jen

    Such a great post Susan! This is right on target with where I’m trying to vibrate right now. Thank you for such a clear and loving breakdown of how to realign ourselves to abundance!

  12. Stacey

    Hey Susan, – Just discovered your blog! I’ve been obsessed with the whole LOA thing and somehow ended up finding your blog. I’m so bad at accepting things but really trying to make a conscious effort to do so. I feel like people want to do things for me because they somehow feel bad. For example I was out with my friend the other day and it was a few days after HER birthday but she wanted to take ME out! Also, my husband just got a $40 Kohl’s cash thing and asked if I wanted it and my reaction was “only if you don’t want it”. So crazy!!

    1. Susan Post author

      Thanks for reading Stacey! It’s a practice, but you will get there. Awareness is the first step!

  13. Jack Passi

    I look forward to reading your blog every week. You are very inspiring and the positive energy is very contagious. I have been changing my thought patterns and have seen personal growth, so thank you. I agree with you fully that gratitude is a life changing attitude. Once gratitude sets in, many aspects of life start to align (if that makes sense?). The hardest part for me is receiving. This is an area that I need to work on.

    1. Susan Post author

      Thank you Jack and it makes perfect sense!

      Receiving is tricky for man of us… Keeping this in mind may help, if you are resisting what’s going on in the present moment you are then in a state of resistance. When you’re in a state of resistance you are no longer “allowing” the U to bring in what you want. Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to bring yourself into the present moment 🙂

  14. Don

    Great post. I actually never accept offers from other people when they offer to get me a coffee or a pint of beer. That does make sense now why I am still not a millionaire 😀

    I hope I will not become “silent freebie beggar” 😀

  15. Q

    Great post! Learning to receive things is something that I am learning to do. I am so happy that I came across your article. Thank you!

  16. Baszia

    I realise I have come rather late to this topic. But I am researching (my own small lay research!) how to feel rich when you don’t have any money. I like your ideas, they make total sense. They feel like a way to make the fabric of life so much ‘richer’ without money. But I wonder if rather than being instrumental behaviours on the path to becoming richer, you could see these behaviours as being sufficient in and of themselves in order to lead a fuller and more fulfilling life without becoming financially richer.

    1. Susan Post author

      Absolutely Baszia! Everything you create on the outside is a reflection of what you’re believing about yourself and the world on the inside.

      So you can certainly have money and be miserable. (I did and I was) You need to cultivate what you want from the inside out. The money has nothing to do with it. If a miserable person has money they will still be mis. If a happy free person becomes rich they will still feel happy and free.

      And while these behaviors are totally sufficient on their own, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with wanting to be financially rich. Again money doesn’t add or take away from anyone’s experience – good or bad. It’s simply paper that we deemed valuable to trade for things that we deem valuable. 😉

  17. chris

    I did not realize I was in a tug-of-war basically with myself. Some of these steps I am indeed doing but I was doing exactly what I wasn’t supposed to right afterwards. So basically I was cancelling out my efforts lol, this was super helpful. Thank You : )

  18. chris

    I was referencing your steps to another document on attracting wealth and I was pretty unsure on “how” to “feel” like I already have accumulated the amount of wealth and money I want. I was going through the treat myself like royalty step and it hit me out of the blue a million dollar idea that’s a no brainer and something that everyone and anyone would love and want to have access to. Call me crazy but in a matter of hours and putting everything around me into perspective it all finally makes perfect sense!! I even tried to type this post a few minutes ago and it deleted everything I’d written so I’m at it again. I hope this comment helps someone else and gives them the motivation or positive energy flow to think of great things as well

  19. GAURAV

    Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for writing such a great article. I have been into personal development for couple of years but couldn’t get myself to feel prosperous until I discovered a method that is working for me now. I hope it works for others too. Now I imagine my life to be a movie where I am playing the role of a successful businessman. This really helped me to start taking undesirable circumstances lightly. I take undesirable incidents just as negative feedback to improve my inner state like goal seeking servo mechanism does in modern machines.

  20. Lisa Ustaszewski

    Thanks you so much for sharing this. I love how you get straight to the point. The content you have is exactly what I needed to hear. I am working through your LOA workbook at FEA and it is Awesome! You really know your stuff and you keep it simple. Thank your gift.


  21. Neo

    I love number 1. It’s not easy to feel gratitude when in need but working on it is a way to go.

    To add on to this. Always chase a feeling of feeling happy or rather good. Like dancing, laughing, at nothing some times.

    Thank you a lot for this.

  22. Asheesh

    It was your first post that I read Susan and found it quite good, inspiring and relevant. I consider myself good at 3 & 4 but suck at 5 and it could possibly be the reason for lack of resources I feel sometimes.

  23. Genita

    When you talked about loving your bank account that clicked with me! I’d dreaded looking at my balance, fearing it would not have the balance that I needed. After you said it can always be worse, I thought of overdraft fees in the past, & was grateful I didn’t have any. Thank you so much for sharing. This really helps!


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