My ‘ultimate’ dream has always been to live by a beach & to live a very free, laid back, easy peasy, FUN lifestyle.

I wanted to be able to wake up and go to the beach every day & I wanted to feel like I was on vacation when I was not on vacation.

I had a vision of my ideal beach town or beach “village” as I liked to call it & I would think about it often and would even sketch it out sometimes.

My close friends and fam new about this place & would sometimes refer to as “Sueville” because as far as any of us knew, it didn’t exist.

I actually believed that I would one day have to design & develop it myself. For some reason THAT was more believable to me than believing I could find it right now. (?)

Part of the problem was that I felt like I couldn’t have the free, beach lifestyle until I was “rich” enough because I held the belief that only “rich people lived at the beach.”

Even though I could see myself there, “one day”, it still felt far away.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

About a week ago I moved from dreary Pennsylvania to gorgeous, sunny Delray Beach, Florida.

My new location & lifestyle is everything, I mean EVERYTHING, I’ve always wanted.


I am going to tell you all about it including HOW I did it in a sec.

But first I want to point something REALLY important out.

I’m 39 years old. I left a big job & a lot of money to start a biz and my business is still fairly new.

I am not by any means “rich”.

Yet, I still created the lifestyle that I’ve been dreaming about & I feel happier, more free & abundant than I’ve ever felt.

I could pretend that I’m wealthy & that I have it all together, but I honestly think that would do you a disservice.

I created this new lifestyle without much money, very little time, zero plan, AND I even have bad credit!

If you saw my stats on paper next to what I was ordering up your logical, conscious, human brain would’ve rejected me… Good thing the U doesn’t read credit reports! 😉

I’m telling you all of this because I want you to see & to BELIEVE, that you don’t have to wait.

You don’t have to wait for the money, the success, the husband.

You don’t have to wait until you’re thin enough or for anyone else’s approval.

You don’t have to wait ’til things get “better” & you definitely do NOT have to wait until “one day”.

Today IS one day & you CAN create your life, on your terms, exactly as you want it to be, right now.

I have used my 6 Step EASY PEASY LOA™ System to make my dreams come true again and again and again…. & I’m writing this today (from the beach) because it WORKS.

Below I take you through each step to show exactly how I used it:


To OWN IT means to take responsibility for your life as it is.

If you’re blaming outside circumstances for the conditions of your life you’re giving away all of your power.

If you take responsibility for creating it, you take back your power & the control to create something new.

I’ve gotten pretty good at OWNING IT.

After lots of practice, I’m very well aware of how I’m creating my life. The good the bad & the ugly, so I didn’t have to do much work here.

Even though I was SO OVER living in PA, I accepted that I DID want to be there at one point. And that I created it just like any other experience.

After I left NYC a couple of years ago moved back burnt out from my job. I knew I wouldn’t stay there forever, but it was the perfect resting point + my Mom & sis were there.

I got to do all of that & I’m grateful. PA experience OWNED.

But by my 2nd year in PA I was more than ready to move on. I was getting restless, but I had no idea WHERE to move.

For a while I thought I wanted to go back to Brooklyn. I loved the vibe of my old neighborhood, but at the same time just thinking about the lifestyle exhausted me.

That brought me to the next step.


To GET CLEAR means to not only know WHAT you want, but to be clear on WHY you want it. So you (& the U) are both clear on the image AND emotional experience that you’re truly after.

Ok I had some work to do here. It was time to break out The EASY PEASY LOA™ CLARITY WORKBOOK.

Moves & lifestyle changes were one of my mani-specialties, but this time was different.

I’ve always known WHERE I wanted to live so I could zero in on something I KNEW existed.

But this time I had no idea. I just had a vision of what I thought would be a cool place to live in my head. Completely made up.

Going through the workbook got me crystal on what I wanted this new lifestyle to look like & more importantly how I FELT to live there.

Instead of wracking my human brain trying to figure out “where” (or how), I focused solely on the what and the why. Leaving the “where” completely up to the Universe…

I dissected why I loved my Brooklyn neighborhood so much. Turns out it was mostly about the feeling & the restaurants!

Even though it was a neighborhood in one of the most crowded cities on the planet, it had a cool small town “everyone knows your name” kinda vibe.

And I missed the character & one of a kind nature of the different restaurants.

I wanted a restaurant for every mood. Farm to table, Italian, Mexican Tequila Bar, SEAFOOD etc. This was really important to me, I’m Italian for the love of the U!

There was also one other thing that I was craving in a bad way… THE SUN. Where ever I lived I NEEDED it to be sunny. This was a non-negotiable.

I wanted the sun, I wanted the beach and I wanted to feel & smell salt air on a regular basis. I wanted EASY PEASY access to the ocean anytime.

I wanted to be able to have coffee every morning on the beach.

I wanted to work from the beach if I felt like it (I am now – see pic) & I wanted long beachy happy hours with fun friends AFTER the beach.

I actually wanted sand in my bag, in my car and in my apartment. I wanted to live in my bikini & flip flops. To live like I was on vacation everyday.

I pictured turquoise-y waves, white fluffy sand, and a palm trees & pina coladas kind of atmosphere. Tropical resort living.

My hair thick & wavy from the humidity (yes I like that).

Another thing I missed about the city was access. It was also much more progressive in Brooklyn than in PA and I missed that too.

I wanted a combo of beach w/ small city vibe. (not sleepy beach town) I imagined a strip of restaurants / bars and shops that led to the beach.

I wanted a damn green juice place AND a good margarita place. I wanted yoga with like minded people and a barre studio.

I wanted cute cafes to work in & fun happy hour bars. I wanted a plethora of grocery stores, organic & fancy, but I also wanted a Target.

I wanted my apartment to be similar in size to what I had & I wanted the amenities I was used to. I LOVE amenities.

Pool, grills, biz center, EXCELLENT maintenance etc. I wanted it to be modern. I wanted a quiet dishwasher. (< very important)

I wanted it to be white with pale grays, either tile or wood floors.

I wanted it to FEEL light & vacation-y like everything else. I wanted my cat to have his own bathroom spot that was away from any common area in the apt. (knew that was tricky in an apartment, so I left that completely to the U)

And, of course, I wanted it to be affordable… I had a specific # in my head.

I also wanted everything fresh & NEW. (remember, I was on a tight budget and had not set aside ANY extra money for moving, but that never stopped me before & what kind of example would I be setting for all of my EASY PEASY LOA™ students if I didn’t go for it?)

I wanted new furniture. A new car (white for the hot sun) also a specific low payment # in mind.

It felt great to have a clear picture in my mind & feeling in my body of what I wanted to experience in this magical village I was creating… but I still had no idea HOW this was going to happen because I had very little time & money.

I also STILL had no idea where the hell it was or if it even existed!

But nothing stirs up motion & synchronicity like a good firm DECISION.


To DECIDE means to make a commitment to creating what you want to experience.

With that commitment you’re essentially giving yourself permission to not only want what you TRULY want, but to let go of whatever may be holding you back from having it.

The end of my lease was approaching fast and I was notified that I had to give notice on whether or not I was resigning.

Which meant it was time to make a decision. It was easy to list out everything I dreamed of having while I was still living in a safe secure place, but now I had to put it into motion.

Of course doubts flew through my mind! Will I be able to afford a move? What if I can’t find the place & then lose this apartment?

What if, what if, what if… (I know I teach this stuff, but I’m still human too!)

To be honest, I felt extra pressure BECAUSE I teach it!

I had freedom seeking clients & an amazing Facebook group full of EASY PEASY Lovelies all waiting to hear what I was manifesting so they could follow my lead.

I didn’t know if I could pull this one off.

I didn’t have the security of extra time or money, but I knew in my heart that I did NOT want to stay there another year.

I sent the email letting them know that would not be renewing my lease.

That was March 31 2015 & I had to be out by May 23.


At this stage I had approximately 6-7 weeks to make this happen.

By make this happen – I mean come up with the funds, find an apartment & figure out where the hell this place & lifestyle even existed! (none of this including the actual physical move)

Was this even possible???


To BELIEVE IT means that you not only believe that your desire is possible, but that you believe it is possible for YOU.

(not hope… BELIEVE, there is a difference)

First went through my EASY PEASY BELIEF SHIFTER exercise to make sure I was clear on any limits I was putting on myself.

I used that info to see where I need to shift some perspectives and then every morning I would write out exactly what I wanted my life to look & feel like.

There are many ways to cultivate & reinforce new beliefs & I talk about them in the program, but this particular desire was a new one (and an important one) for me, so I stayed true to my visualization practice because I’ve had so much success with it in the past.

I wrote & imagined my lifestyle & home like I was telling the story as if it already happened (much like I’m doing right now).

I focused on the OUTCOME.

I didn’t focus on HOW or WHERE. I didn’t focus on the money or the logistics. I imagined me already living the lifestyle and telling someone about it. Present & PAST tense.

I go into the different ways to visualize, how this works & how to do it much more in EASY PEASY LOA™, but just want to give you an idea it’s all about creating a vision so strong in your mind that you can feel it.

(Then you know your SubC is thinking it’s happening in real life.)

Did this mean I’d write that and just kick back and relax and let the U do it’s thing?

Hell no!! Time was ticking & I was starting to freak out!

I needed more.

I needed to KNOW it was happening & whenever I need some extra last minute belief reinforcement I pull in the big guns…

My girls Michelle Simmonds & Lindsay Marino.

Lindsay & Michelle are both psychic-mediums & they helped me stay sane & stress free whenever I started to doubt myself & what I was creating..

They could see what I was too frazzled & stressed to see.

I knew I could have faith & relax when they would tell me things that I had written about in my visualization, that only I knew about.

My sun kissed highlighted hair, my new car, my new couch – everything new, (still didn’t see how that was possible!), my modern resort like apartment & more.

They said where I was going was “competitive”, meaning a lot of people trying to live there, but that I would be fine.

I was told to relax & not to worry, because I would be receiving more money, a specific amount in a specific way. (and I did…)

This WAS happening.


To BECOME IT means to step into the energy of what you want to create.

Time to BE the change.

If I was moving I’d be packing. And if I was moving to a beach town I’d be packing for a very different lifestyle.

I went through every article of clothing, every handbag from my last career (there were a LOT), every bin I had in storage, even my photos & other personal items & memorabelia.

I checked in with how I felt about each item. How it made me feel, if it was necessary & if it made sense for my new lifestyle. If it didn’t feel good or fit my vision for my new lifestyle, I got rid of it.

At the time, I still believed I was keeping my furniture…. (even though I didn’t really want to… I just kept visualizing that I everything was new)

I also started putting out what I was looking for & asking around. I got a lot of California recs and a lot of Florida recs.

I ruled Cali out. It just wasn’t the right vacation vibe (not tropical). It was also too far from my family.

I didn’t associate Florida with the cool vibe I was looking for, but it definitely had the tropical vacation feeling that I loved. And my Dad lived there & I my Mom & sis would live there as well.

Hmm… I was keeping an open mind.

I started researching all of the other areas, Miami, Tampa, St. Pete’s Beach.

In the background my mom kept saying Delray Beach! Delray Beach!

It was a small beach town in South Florida that she looked at years ago when she was thinking of moving. I kept dismissing it because I didn’t think it had the fun, city aspect I was looking for.

But I started to feel like Florida was where it would be yet Miami felt too big. Tampa & St. Pete’s didn’t quite have what I was looking for either.

I was getting frustrated & feeling a bit deflated. I felt like I had run out of places to research and then something told me to look up Delray.

At first I discounted it again. I only found a couple of images and it didn’t look like much.

But then I found a video and I saw it from a whole new perspective.

I saw all of the restaurants, CHECK. I saw the vibe, the people & I learned that it was voted “most FUN city in the US” twice! BIG CHECK.

I saw a map & the layout – a strip of restaurants, bars & shops leading up to the beach…. DOUBLE CHECK.


Dinner on Atantic Ave – the atmosphere is just what I wanted!

Apparently over the past few years it had been growing. New restaurants, new apartments, new shops – popping up everywhere. A more progressive crowd was moving in.

It had the yoga, the barre class, the custom juices AND the happy hours! – CHECK, CHECK, CHECK & SUPER CHECK!


Post beach Pina Colada or custom green juice anyone? (not necessarily in that order.)


But the best part was that it also had the warm, salty ocean & the big, firey SUN – Florida is, after all, the sunshine state.


My morning coffee time view.

I was elated. The more I researched the more I checked off my list.

It was ALL there. Everything I wanted. I almost couldn’t believe it, I felt giddy. Like I just met a new boy that I liked, except this was way better.


Annnnd…. here’s where it got sticky.

I owned it, got clear, decided (twice), believed it, became it & now, I was down to the WIRE.

I still had to go there, find a place, pay for said place, fly home, figure out how to get movers booked & paid for at the last sec, & move out of my place by May 23. (Less than 3 weeks away…)

Not only is Delray on the pricey side… it’s also not easy to find a place. It’s competitive & it’s small so there are a lot of people trying for the same place. They go FAST.

I remembered that I coincidentally had a very old friend who lived there. I reached out, she was still there & she offered to help. My Dad also happens to live near Delray too, so he & my stepmother offered to help me find an apt.

I had team in place.

I landed in FL on Tues. May 12 & needed to fly back home by the weekend 16/17 so I could move by the following Sat. May 23.

That gave me about 4 days to find a place in a town I’ve never been to & about 5 to finish packing & actually move.

The pressure was definitely ON, I was feeling the stress which meant I had one last (very important) step to lock into place.


To LET IT GO means to detach from the outcome.

To be clear, it’s NOT about not wanting what you want, it’s about not resisting what is & having complete & utter faith that it’s all working out for the best.

The stronger your belief is in what you’re creating the easier this step becomes. It’s a domino effect. Belief creates expectation so you can sit back & relax & LIVE your life as your desire manifests.

THIS is allowing.

I did my best to remain present (gratitude works wonders here) & to remind myself of all of the other times things miraculously fell into place for me at the last minute.

I ran through my fave EASY PEASY LET IT GO LIKE A MOFO exercises to make sure I was keeping my vibes UP & I also re-listened to my recorded readings with Lindsay & Michelle (often) to further reinforce belief that it WAS happening so I could relax & not worry.

By this time I was in Florida. I had seen 2 places neither of which were what I had visualized but I felt desperation creeping in.

(desperation = desire repellent!!)

Their locations were good, but the prices were $$$$ and they were tiny and definitely not fresh new and modern.

It kind of felt like looking for a place in Manhattan & if you know NYC living, you know that’s not pleasant.

I had completely fallen in love with Delray, especially after exploring for 3 days and I was starting to let doubt creep back in.

There was one place that I thought was too far away because it wasn’t right on the main strip, but it kept lingering in the back of my mind.

It was really hot & we were getting tired so I finally decided to go see it.

It was gorgeous. Resort living at it’s finest. The complex was tropical and Floridian feeling. It had a gorgeous pool. It had all of the amenities I wanted and then some.

The apartment itself was almost identical to what I was living in except it was much more modern, had my grey wood floors AND my quiet dishwasher!

But something wasn’t right.

I felt the sales girl was a little pushy and it was rubbing me the wrong way. I tried to negotiate the rent a bit & she wasn’t budging.

I was literally out of time. Seems silly, but it pissed me off & I left.

I was feeling really frustrated. Not only were we running out of apartments to see, the ones I was finding in my price range were nothing like I imagined for my beachy vacation lifestyle.

I went home frustrated deflated & slept on it.

The next day I had one left to see. Great price, great location, but again, it looked kinda old & creepy from the outside. Not at all beachy by my standards.

As I was about to go look at the inside my phone rang.

Wouldn’t you know it was the sales girl from the gorgeous resort apartments…. she was calling to let me know that it was my “lucky day”.

Prices came down and the rent for the apartment I wanted was exactly where I wanted it to be.

Done & done.

Lease signed deposit paid & I was on my way back to PA to MOVE TO DELRAY!

11217528_10206978975063574_8504712526677751191_n (1)

Where I’l be lounging if I’m not on the beach…

But I still had 2 things to sort out & they were doozies.

#1 book a moving service this close to the move date. #2 PAY for movers this close to moving day #3 quick sell my car this close to the move date.

I immediately started getting quotes and it was not only expensive, but it was TRIPLE what I had estimated it would be.

I went back and forth with my family helping trying to figure out an affordable solution when it hit me.

It would actually be more expensive to move my furniture here then it would to sell it and buy all NEW furniture.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I got home on Sun. had my car & furniture for sale on craigslist by Monday & it all had to be sold by Fri.

Not stressful at all right? (< sarcasm)

First day, car sold. But here’s the catch. I didn’t have a title.

I was paying off a loan from a bank. They had the title somewhere in their corporate offices so not only did I manifest someone to buy the car for what I was asking, but they PAID OFF MY LOAN without me being able to sign over the title!

They graciously waited for it to come in the mail & I signed over power of attorney to my sister so she could do it after I moved.

Talk about miracles!

Then piece by piece, the furniture sold. Everything was sold and packed by Friday night & I had a one way ticket booked for early Saturday morning.

I did it.

I created my dream life AGAIN & this time it was better than ever.


Me living the dream with my new Delray tan.

As I sit here from my new fave cafe that I call my “office”, I’m still amazed that less than 2 months ago I didn’t even know where I wanted to live or if it was even possible for me to move.

Now I’m in a place & living a lifestyle that I’ve been dreaming about for years. (& redecorating!)


Simon breaking in the NEW white couch!                                                             (also annoyed by the impromptu photoshoot)

I created work that I love, my biz is growing, I have a great apartment with a resort like feeling, in an amazing location with atmosphere, character AND a Target & I’m literally a minute from one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.


Me & Deb (mom) out on the Ave.

I even got my new white wheels! (that’s actually a good mani-story for another day)


Tinted windows yo.

So far… I’m always in my bathing suit & flip flops & I FEEL like I’m on vacation EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I also feel a deep sense of freedom & I wake up excited to start each day (on the beach!) Like, really, genuinely, joyfully excited.

AND I created all of it by using my own 6 EASY PEASY LOA™ Steps AND you can do it it too!

For the next few weeks I am offering an awesome FREE Law of Attraction Video Series HERE.

It will teach you more about my 6 EASY PEASY LOA™ steps + you’ll gain a solid, foundational understanding of how it all REALLY works & a couple of exercises you can try out right away.

Here’s what you’re gonna learn:

Video 1 : How the Law of Attraction REALLY Works (it’s not all positive thinking!)

Video 2 : Top 6 Mistakes Manifesting Mistakes & What to Do About Them.

Video 3 : The Worst Possible Thing You Can Do with a Limiting Belief.

Go to http://easypeasyloa.com or CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

See you there!




  1. Brooke

    To think that all of your dreams coming true have given me presents. New leather bags (thank you!) and now a vacation spot with free sleeping arrangements (remember how I so graciously had your family stay with me during a hurricane? Pay backs) . haha. I didn’t even know I wanted these things and they have come to me anyway! All joking aside, I am so impressed with your bravery and how well you followed your own rules. I know how hard it can be to practice what you preach, but you did it! You deserve all of this and I’m so happy for you!!! May your business continue to grown and the sun continue to shine on you. Xoxox

  2. Malaika

    What a great experience you’ve shared.
    I would love to check out the videos.

    I signed up before… but missed it.

    I signed up again and it’s says Already signed up.

    Is there another way to see the videos?
    Thank you

    1. Susan Post author

      Malaika OMG I’m so sorry! Thank you for telling me that! I sent 2 separate emails & forgot to actually SEND the one to people who have already signed up! haha I just sent! Video 1 is in there. Let me know if you do not get that! And thank you so much for reading & watching <3

  3. Beth

    Wow, Susan, that is an AMAZING story. Thank you for going into all the details – it really helps to see how each aspect worked out. I would love to hear your new car story as well! Congrats!

    1. Susan Post author

      Aww thank you so much Beth! I almost put that in but this post was so long I felt it was becoming a small novel!! haha I will share again though 🙂

  4. Alionka

    I LOVE this post so much!!!! I’m amazed that you didn’t lose faith even when things were not going your way. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Laura

    OMG! I loved reading this!!!!
    I was wondering how the hell you loved so fast! Super impressive Susan!
    You sound like me. I live in Laura-ville in my mind and I don’t know where it is lol 🙂
    Can’t wait for easy peasy to start! Can I just use your already done worksheets!?!
    My place is so damn similar
    Lolol 😉

  6. Victoria

    I LOVE this story, Susan! You are a manifesting pro! Feeling inspired to dig out my CLARITY WORKBOOK. EASY PEASY LOA is awesome 🙂

    (So glad you included a picture of Simon. Soooo cute!)

    1. Susan Post author

      Thanks Victoria! Yes he needed to make an appearance but wasn’t pleased… he’s such an introvert.;) And I hope you join in for the 2nd round starting on the 22nd!See you in there!

  7. Raine

    Love, love, love this post SO much!
    I was bitting my nails and cheering you on every step of the way reading this. You did AMAZING and yet I’m not surprised that you did. 😉
    Ya know *I* would have never moved to NYC if it wasn’t for your EasyPeasy LOA, right? :-))))
    Sooooo looking forward to the FL EasyPeasy retreat {no, I didn’t forget that comment 😀 }.

    1. Susan Post author

      Aww thanks Raine & I’m so so SO happy that you got there! Passport mishaps an all. 😉 And don’t worry! I didn’t forget either… 😀 xo

  8. Julie Sergel


    Could not have come at a better, riper, time.
    Love, love, love + feel, feel, feel your entire story..

    I’ve been between Upstate + downtown Manhattan for the last hundred years it seems. I need both. But more than anything i need my own place. I’ve been staying with family or friends or sublets and beliefs systems–be busted!!

    Can’t wait to start the program. Thanks for being you + an awesome uber relatable force. XOXO

    1. Susan Post author

      Julie! Thank you SO much!! <3 I'm so happy that you got so much out of it XOXO back to you!

  9. Nat, Website Superhero

    Simply amazeballs, Suze!

    “It was ALL there. Everything I wanted. I almost couldn’t believe it, I felt giddy. Like I just met a new boy that I liked, except this was way better.” <– that made me laugh! Hilarious.

    You are one fiery ball of strength and magic, woman! Rock on!!!

    Much love xoxo

    1. Susan Post author

      HA! And thank you <3 I love imagining myself as a fiery ball of strength and magic! Hot, but probs the best compliment I've ever received!Much love back! XO

  10. Jaime

    Lol – I went through a similar thing in the middle of your easy peasy LOA course! I love that you are totally open and honest in your copy.

  11. Elles

    Amazing Susan! So happy for you and totally insprired! I came across you videos earlier this year and you just appeared at the right time in my inbox again! I’m at Crossroads at the moment and going to use your advice from the easypeasyloa to get ahead- thank you! And I’m manifesting the fee to work with you personally within two week – that’s my goal!


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