I’ve got a juicy Q this week from one of my readers Arielle and she asks:

“I’ve been listening to a book on prosperity and manifesting. I find myself so disgusted by the author because she’s always saying things like, “So I said, listen here God – you better do this for me right now” or “now look God I need this and you’d better do it.”

I can’t figure out if I’m pissed because I think she’s bratty and that’s a shitty way to co-create or if it’s still part of my Christian upbringing not to have an attitude with God. But it honestly makes me crazy and it makes it hard to hear her message. Can religious beliefs be limiting?

It could also be that her message isn’t for me. But I just wanted know your thoughts about this.”

– Arielle

Awesome Q and I have 2 thoughts for you Arielle.

Yes, it could be that her message isn’t for you, but I would actually say that because your feathers are so ruffled there IS a message for you.

It’s just not the one you thought it was going to be ; )

It doesn’t matter what religion you follow or if you follow one at all, your perceived reality is made up of your beliefs, religious and/or otherwise.

So you’re spot on when you say “…. or if it’s still part of my Christian upbringing not to have an attitude with God”. Not having an attitude with God is a “rule” and an action that is acting out a deeper belief that you have about God.

The way she is teaching manifestation is challenging that belief in you.

In many religions, we’re taught to follow a set of dogmatic “rules” made up by other humans. Do this…. and you’re deemed “good” and you’ll go to “heaven”, do this…. and you’re deemed “bad” and you’ll go to hell. Don’t eat meat on whatever day, don’t say bad words, give the church 10% your earnings… and so on and so on.

God is not a micro-manager.

Nor is he human. We might think of God or the U as some guy sitting on a throne behind the pearly gates waiting for us to screw up so he can judge us. Or, alternatively grant all of our prayers and allow us into heaven because we were “good”.

When we’re feeling judged or like we’ve been “bad” or “sinned”, that’s US feeling that way. WE are casting judgment on ourselves. He’s not some bearded dude giving us black marks on our report card. We don’t need “him” to forgive us, we need to forgive ourselves.

God, the Universe, Source, Spirit or the Field (as physicists like to call it) are just terms for the infinite energy that is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING.

Inside and outside, it’s all connected to all of us, always.

Spirituality is less about right vs. wrong or following a set of someone else’s rules and more about looking inside of ourselves for the answers or looking at what is being mirrored back to us by others in order to learn and grow.
(eg. the author ruffling your feathers)

It’s about taking responsibility for our lives, our own growth and what we’ve created. Yes the U, or whatever you want to call it, supports us completely, but we’re in the driver’s seat. This is our journey, these are our lessons, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening from you.

We already have everything we could ever need or want and it’s ours for the taking provided we ALLOW ourselves to #1 see it, #2 believe it and #3 receive it.

Make sense?

What’s awesome is that you have a keen self awareness because you noticed this coming up.

Self awareness is the first and most important step in finding and changing your beliefs.

The next step is to look at the belief and figure out if it’s supporting you and your desires and enhancing the quality of your life OR is it hindering your progress and holding you back from what you want?

Once you answer those questions it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to change the belief to be more aligned with your desire(s) in order to manifest it.

The other thought I have about this is that I don’t disagree with the way she is manifesting.

I haven’t read her work so maybe the language she’s using feels “bratty”, but I do agree with “commanding” the U into action.

The U (or God) responds to CLARITY.

Another way to look at “commanding” is to think of it as making a firm decision.

For myself, when I get to the point of commandment, my desire tends to manifest. (provided I have no blocks or beliefs in the way). It’s not because I threw a tantrum and stomped my feet, but because internally I have made a decision.

When you put your proverbial stake in the ground, the U will then deliver because it’s clear on what you want. (provided you have no blocks/beliefs in the way)

This commanding or deciding tends to happen when the pain of not having what you want outweighs the pain of having it or changing for it.

Try shifting your perspective to the point of view I described above and see how it feels for you.

I’d REALLY love to hear comments from the peanut gallery on this one.

Agree? Disagree? Does this point of view resonate with you?

Or is this perspective challenging any beliefs of your own?

Let me know below…




  1. Victoria

    I had been pondering this same thought so was glad to read your article. I always worry about getting on God’s bad side or making Him mad at me. I am not real sure how to shake these ideas. But, I have always heard and read ” You have not because you ask not” and I do believe this.

    Thank you for an interesting read.

  2. Dana

    Your reply was a great insight about the reader and not about judgement. It gives me something more to think about. It was a great thank you.


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