I’m really excited about today’s post because it’s an excellent question from one of my readers and I think it could help you too. I also included a fun challenge at the end and I’d love for you to give it a try.

She writes:

“How do you keep from manifesting the exact opposite of what you are trying for? It’s tricky because you can put something out there–but if you don’t do it correctly, you can attract the opposite of the goal you are attempting.”

– Rox

Such a great question Rox!

How to keep from manifesting the opposite of what you want IS tricky, until you understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

Everything in your life, or I should say your reality, is a reflection of your beliefs.

And I do mean everything. Money, talent, success, the people, how you live, how you work, if you work, your home, your heath and the list goes on and on.

The tricky part about manifesting is making sure that your beliefs are aligned with your desire. As long as those two are NOT in sync, I don’t care how many vision boards you do, your desire WILL, NOT, MANIFEST.

As soon as you truly believe something, then and only then, will it manifest. This goes for the good and the bad.

Everything in the U is energy vibrating at a certain frequency, including our emotions.

This is why you need to get into an emotional place of already having what it is that you want BEFORE you have it.

For example, say you want more money in your life, but you’re constantly worrying about paying your bills or you’re always complaining that you don’t have enough and you feel like your finances are always a struggle.

As long as you’re feeling this way, YOU WILL BE ATTRACTING THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF YOUR DESIRE, which is more money.

Yes, you need to be clear on what you want and the vision of you living in financial abundance, but even more importantly, what you need to do is to get clear on what that would FEEL like.

You can say all the positive affirmations in the world, but the money won’t materialize because you’re still FEELING poor, desperate and you’re energetically vibrating from a place of lack.

What we focus on grows. In this case, the feeling of abundance is what you want to focus on NOT the feeling of “not having enough”. Make sense?

But I can just hear you all now…. “How am I supposed to feel like I have enough money when I clearly do not!?”

Listen up.

The feeling of your desire is what you’re after. In this case, it’s not the actual money, it’s most likely the feelings of abundance, generosity, security & freedom that having money would bring to you.

That being said, you’ll want to feel those feelings as often as you can.

2 no fail ways for stirring up feelings of abundance are both gratitude and generosity.

Look around for where you’re already feeling abundant or how you could feel more generous. And focus there!

Maybe you can’t buy the new boots you want just yet, but you’re so grateful for the good friends in your life. Gratitude = gratitude and will attract more to be grateful for.

Maybe you have a mountain of credit card debt, instead of looking at it as a burden try thanking your credit cards for having your back in your time of need. Let them know you’ll pay them off as soon as you can (which will be soon, if you keep yourself thinking this way!)

Maybe you can’t give money to your fave charity right now, but you can give your time. Generous = generous.

This is an example for flipping your money vibes around, but the same is true for anything. Want more success? Better health? How would you feel? And how can you feel that NOW?

The other way to get into the feelings if you’re struggling to find something existing in your reality is your imagination!

Allow yourself the pleasure of visualizing AKA day dreaming for at least 20 minutes a day about your desire and how you’re feeling once you have it. This works beautifully. You’re subconscious does not know the difference between fantasy and reality, isn’t that fantastic news? And you’ll feel great too, day dreaming is super good for the soul.

Ok, I’m going to finish this post with a little challenge because this info will do you no good if you don’t actually implement what I’m telling you and I want you to feel your power.


I’d love for you to pick a desire, big or small, and commit to it by doing the following in the comments below:

1. Tell me what the desire is.
2. Tell me the feeling(s) is that you’re after.
3. Tell me one way you’re going to feel that feeling(s) now.




  1. Amanda

    Fantastic post Susan! I want to have more $$$ in my life. Having more $$$ would give me a sense of security…for now I am going to appreciate all the wonderful things in my life that keep me safe and secure every single day. I have a warm and cozy home with a roof over my head.

    1. Me

      I need to feel abundant about my marriage I need to feel like it can be salvaged and I don’t know how to bring that feeling to fruition. So I don’t want to lie on your comment line, but I can be thankful for times that it wasn’t in question and I would love to get back to you on how that works.

  2. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo

    Desire: To have abundant value exchanges with my clients
    Feeling: To be in flow and of service
    Tapping into it now: By showing up where my beautiful tribe is and GIVING more!

    Thanks Susan – I agree wholeheartedly with this!

  3. Jennifer S

    Hi Susan,

    My desire is to have more money. This would allow me to feel security and freedom. My plan is to focus on the things that make me feel secure: having a warm, safe place to sleep and the necessities I need to care for my son. I’m still working on the freedom…I think I may have to dig deep for this one, but I’ll find a way. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Cathy Sykora

    I am pretty lucky and content with my situations in life. In regard to your challenge:
    1. To continue to grow in my path and help others
    2. To feel gratitude and satisfaction
    3. I think a gratitude list is a good place to start!
    Thank you!

  5. Jenna Dalton

    I LOVED this, Susan!

    I want more absolutely dream clients. (I only have 2 coaching spots left for a little while and I’m focusing on filling them with dream clients).

    I want to get that super excited feeling in the pit of my stomach when I’m in the flow with my dream clients and they’re doing amazing things in their business, getting more clients, and feeling super confident.

    I’m thinking of my amazing clients that I already have right now. I’m so grateful for their dedication and hard work. It makes me excited to think of what’s in store for them over the next few months! I love that feeling 🙂

    Thanks, Susan!

  6. Sonia

    Great post! My desire is attracting clients that value what I offer and are happy to pay me what I’m worth. The feelings I am after are abundance and freedom. I can feel this now because I have the freedom to leave my laptop and go out for a walk right now as well as thinking about getting together with my girlfriends this weekend where there is an abundance of love between us.


  7. Emily

    EXCELLENT POST! I love the way you broke this concept down! It is so true that we are responsible for every single little thing in our lives! Much gratitude for this!

  8. farah

    Hey Susan! My desire is to be able to spend more time overseas volunteering, and making a difference. The feeling this gives me is love, connection, humility and expansion. I feel this way thinking about those who I meet, get themselves and their ego out of the way, have no agenda and light up my life 🙂
    Nice post, thx 🙂

  9. Ivy

    I moved to the city and I said I wanted a one floor place with very little to clean, I imagined it, I even saw myself cleaning it and living in the place, but I ended up buying a 3 floor house in a developing area that has a roofdeck and I have a roommate to help me pay my mortage. I ended up with the oppsite of what I said that I wanted. However, although I recognize there are gives and takes with having a one floor smaller place, I am happy with my house, it has appreciated so it was a good financial choice. HOwever, I am confused on how it is that I got the opposite of what I said I wanted and feel what I got is probably better than what I envisioned. That makes me question this whole proces. I also said I wanted to live in the suburbs and have kids and be married (after divorce), but now I live in the city and I am single, but I am also happy. Then I said I just wanted a normal nice American guy to date and be life partner with, but I find myself more intrigued by foreign men because I love to learn about arts and culture and find them to provide that experience more. This is so weird.

    1. Susan Post author

      Ivy this is SUCH a good question. The Law of Attraction isn’t just working based on what we consciously say or think we want. It’s working on a much deeper level from the subconscious mind.

      You can say you want one thing, but if really you are longing subconsciously for the emotional experience of something else, THAT is what you will get. You can also say you want something consciously, but if you’re belief system is not aligned with it you will attract based on your belief system (always.)

      I have 2 things that may help you understand.

      1. This video post I did the other day on Facebook :

      2. A Free Video Series that goes much more in depth about how this really works. You can find that here

      Once you understand what’s going on you can develop the awareness needed to really make things happen. That’s when it really gets weird 🙂

      1. Ivy

        Thank you, I will check those resources out cause I would really like to understand this. I guess for the things I attracted the opposite, I wonder which was it, did I really long for a different emotional expereince than I said I originally wanted or was it that my belief system was not aligned with what I said I wanted. I have a lot to figure out before I keep manifesting. I just posted a simple thing about riding the bike cause I want to test this manifesting out on something more simplistic.

  10. Ivy

    I want to learn how to ride a bike.
    I want to feel the wind in my hair and feel free and take in my environment
    I am going to imagine myself on a bike and feeling what it would feel like to ride the bike, be confident riding the bike, smile and take in my environment.

    1. Ivy

      This may not be as simplistic a goal as I thought because I am a little scared and nervous of riding a bike, especially in the city. I just recalled that when I was a little girl I came one inch from a car that nearly hit me. I see people riding their bikes in the city and I long for that experience but I am nervous about it as well. I can start in what I feel would be a safe environment, a trail or something.

      1. Susan Post author

        Ivy you are cracking me up! But yes that’s the perfect example of what I’m talking about. Something that seems simple actually has an underlying fear. That’s true for many of our conscious desires.

        You are doing the right thing but starting somewhere that feels safe. Get used to that then take a slightly riskier step and so on. That’s how you’re SubC will get comfy with the change.

        I hope the videos help and keep me posted on how it goes!! <3

  11. Ivy

    Hi Susan, Yes, I had to laugh too, I suppose that does perfectly illustrate your point. And yes, I will keep you posted on the videos. I look forward to some clarity on this whole ordeal. If you really want to laugh, I once said I wanted a nice guy, then a nice guy took me on dates and I was not at all attracted to him. Then I said I wanted a fun guy, I met a fun guy and he took me on a non-committal emotional roller coaster. Then I said I just wanted a guy to take me out on normal dates, and a guy did, and I liked that and I liked him but it felt off as well and he ended it after 5 dates. I realized that I really must be much more specific than that….lol. Right now I am just trying to figure out what I really want because apparently I will actually get it. Thanks.

    1. Susan Post author

      You will get it 🙂 But the trick is to get clear on WHY you want those things. Get clear on how you want FEEL in your relationships. Watch the vids and keep me posted xo

  12. Stacey

    1. To find the perfect man ,who adores me
    2. I want to feel loved , protected , adored and secure
    3. To be grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life now that love and protect me . To look at my son each day knowing he adores me and make sure he feels secure always

  13. Mark

    This is going to sound so crazy…since I learned about the LOA I have been arrested (and then exonerated for lack of evidence)..evicted out of my room that I rent (at no fault of my own)…nearly everyone in my family falling ill with serious medical conditions and going to the hospital (nobody died and everbody has fully recovered and is healthy except my aunt who did fall ill before I learned about the LOA)…I have only tried to manifest 3 things so far… which is to not go to jail (which I manifested?? Why did I manifest myself into jail??) I did not go to jail so that nice. 2 Relatives are still in serious trouble…niece is suicidal and on drugs and aunt might die. So now that you know the background…Why is all this bad stuff manifesting…it’s scary to think that I could be doing it…I am scared that I am the cause of this…I would like to try to manifest better circumstances for them but don’t want to do the opposite. Why is all this bad stuff happening. Am I the cause of this mess? Anyways I have a new lovely home but do not like the city I’m in. It does not seem like the LOA has improved my life. It’s like since I learned it I manifested all this bad stuff.

  14. Mark

    OH the third thing I manifested was 100.00 dollars. So nice but taking all into account seriously worried I’m attracting the opposite.

  15. Mark

    I must say that all the bad things have worked themselves out so far and is fine although except I don’t like my city.

  16. Mark

    My cousins husband had a enuerism, uncle heart attack, aunt getting a bowling ball size weird infection, aunt in hospital 2 times for a lung disease, cousins son broken leg all are better though. Thank you so much for your help.

  17. Mark

    Sorry to use so many comments but to make myself clear it’s cool I manifested everyone out of these awful circumstances so far but why did I manifest them in the first place and how can I not do that anymore. Thank you so much what a wonderful website you have here.

    1. Susan Post author

      Hi Mark, I understand your fear but you don’t have to worry. Look at it this way.

      You don’t really manifest what you want you manifest what you believe. Your reality is a reflection of your belief system and the emotions that stem from those beliefs.

      So when something happens & you pay attention to how that situation or person makes you feel you can trace that emotion to a belief or a meaning you made about the situation. If you go even deeper you will see how this emotional pattern has played out all through your life and in multiple areas.

      So it’s not as black and white as think a thought, thought appears. Your conscious thoughts are only 10% of the game. Most of the magic is happening under the surface.

      But it all goes back to you PERCEPTION. That is what filters how you see the world. And there is actually a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System that is responsible for your perception. You can trigger this and it will make you feel like you’re seeing the same thing everywhere.

      You know how you think about a certain color car and then you start seeing it everywhere, or you hear a new word then all of a sudden you’re hearing it everywhere. Or the same numbers on a clock every time you lool, this is your RAS in action.

      In my program EASY PEASY LOA™ ( we have a saying : “The more you see it, the more you see it.” You can use this for things you want to see.

      You can try it for yourself. Start with something that has low stakes. Tell yourself you want to see a blue feather or a giraffe or something random like that and watch for it. Then watch again and again as you start seeing them all over.

      As you get the hang of it you will see that you’re not making messes but it’s your perception of them that’s got you feeing that way.

      Once you build your faith you can start choosing to see things that may feel like more of a stretch. Money is a fun one!

      I hope this helps clear things up for you. Thanks for reading and watching!!

  18. Rod

    I have been desperately looking for an answer to this for years. I work hard, do my best with family and at work, and keep getting the opposite to what I work for. It feels like a heavy crux. No matter what I do, or in which direction I turn, I step on “sh…”. Even if I have the best intentions.

    Fortunately, my family couldn’t be better and I have good and stable job. However, I need to work too hard to get what I think I deserve, and other people always end up getting the credit. At work, I give expecting to receive, and then people take what I gave them and use it against me. Sometimes I get what I work for, but it is always extremely painful.

    I think what has always hurt me is my lack of confidence. However, I do not know how to change this. The problem is that this is spiraling down, and growing like a snow ball. I feel now like a very frustrated and negative person because I know that no matter what I try, I will lose, and others will get credit and run with my work and ideas.

    There have been too many bad coincidences, that simply cannot be. For example, I recently
    I made a big effort to contact an important client, and did not even hear back from him. However, about a month later, the CEO came to my boss saying that that client just contacted him and he gave this opportunity to a colleague. Things like that happen to me all the time. It feels really like life is constantly playing bad jokes on me!

    In the other hand, once I heard someone say” if something goes up, something else needs to go down” Could this mean that I need to be down in order for my family and others to be well? Because this is exactly how I feel…


  19. Amruth Anand

    Dear I been searching on net for quiet some time but unable to find an answer…
    I’ve noticed this really strange thing which always happens is like I can never keep a promise! If I just happen to say ok ill meet you in the evening it’s like the whole cosmos goes against me to break my promise.
    If I have to pay a debt again the whole universe goes against me.
    Why? Am I jinxed? What can I do…. Its like I have say negative things always if I want the.positive to happen? Can you help?

  20. sorcerer

    I’ve noticed I’m in a topsy turvy universe, people think the opposite of everything I do, perhaps thinking I made people think a certain way will change their mind. If I decide to be a certain way people assume the evil of it. And being normal distresses my mother. It’s not about pleasing people, I don’t care what people think, I don’t even care if people think I care what people think. It’s not what you think. I’m not stupid, that implies I’m not boring, I understand, I know things. For years I tried to make people think I am what I am but no more, I just have to accept I’m not what I seem. I’m trying to convince the world that I’m not stupid, I’m the opposite, am I the only one who’s better than I seem? I think everyone hates me. It’s subtle, people are trying to mould me into their ideals. So it’s ideal to wear a normal black suit, slacks, a white shirt and a black tie is it? I question people’s ideals, I prefer a chequered tweed suit jacket, a brightly coloured scarf, and a stripy blue shirt, this is the distinctive dress sense. I also question common ideas like not having ice cream in winter or not going out in the rain, I think this is very scared, afraid to be the other way around. I never misunderstand, I can even quickly learn a language just like that, I don’t have a learning disability. What people want me to be is mundane, normal, but I can do better than that. I’m not a people pleaser but when I cook I should hope everyone likes it. Wow! I’m not making much of an impression, I’m having difficulty being the best (no trouble being the coolest), I’m fat, that means you should never trust a skinny cook. Life is complicated, the things I do are a lot harder than people think, I live a very complicated life, and don’t tell me there are things more complicated than that because most of what I do is extremely complicated. Do you think sorcery is simple? Probably not. It’s true that evil is on my mind but does it have to stress me out? It’s not real, it’s all in your head, none of these opposites to what I truly am really exist. I’m not evil, I have a conscience with everything I do. These things like ‘you do crap with everything you do’, and ‘everyone is better than you’, are lies, I’m very sure there are a select few who think I’m legendary, cool, fair and intelligent. Everything I was has been in my mind the whole time, but I concentrate all my energy on other people, I have a certificate of merit for Thor sake, that means it’s my duty to do fine and aesthetic things, school learning is for life, not only in the school. Once you leave school it’s up to you to apply your learning, as, consciously speaking, it makes you intelligent. I’m sick of the putdowns, do you think I’m creating this out of my consciousness? Reality is beyond what you think, want something and you get the opposite, that’s what pessimism is for. One more thing: your consciousness gets you what you want, it even makes people happy, exactly like in your mind, but there’s something your mind isn’t thinking and it creeps in therefore you don’t have to think it, the evil just happens, because there are disagreements on what’s good and people will oppose you if this paradise they’re not seeing it, therefore reality is in their mind too, not just yours!

  21. Ade

    Desire:to get another chance from my ex.
    It makes me feel confident, loved, happy.
    I do not know what should I do to feel like this. Help me, pls. I can’t anymore.

  22. E

    I discovered the law of attraction a few days ago and I was hoping it can help me fine love. But I don’t know what I need to think about to help manifest love. I feel like everyone only sticks around for a short period of time but I want to find someone who won’t leave. Is there any way the LOA can help me? Do you have any advice you could give?? Please help

    1. Susan Post author

      Hi E, your reality is always reflected your belief system. So if you feel that people are always leaving (or abandoning) you, start looking for ways that you abandon yourself.

      Where are you leaving yourself in the dust for others? Do you people please? Say yes when you mean no? Look for where you turn your back on your true desires & needs.

      When you find it, start being true to them, true to YOU & eventually you will begin to attract people into your life who value you as well.

      The Universe will treat you as well as you treat youself. <3

  23. Alejandra Ramos

    Hi Susan!

    I want to thank you so much because you reminded me of being grateful every day once again for what I have. I have read a couple books on the law of attraction but lately I seem to have forgotten what I have learned and feel like I am struggling so I decided to look up a similar topic and led me to your page which I am extremely thankful because it just turned my night around reminded me of what I have to do to attract what I want.

    My desire for now is having an abundance of money to pay off a lot of debt I have which has caused me lately to live paycheck to paycheck.

    The feeling I am after is security, freedom and relief.

    What I am going to do at the moment to have this feeling is to try to visualize it for around 20 minutes like you mentioned.

  24. Ronda J Beck

    I love this post! I was in search because for years I have believed that no matter what I believe or assume would happen, it seemed the opposite was happening. Tonight I decided to figure out why and THIS POST explains it all. So thank you! I have been manifesting in the wrong way and doubting what I was wanting to happen, would actually happen, creating a negative result myself. I will be cautious now about how I am phrasing my request and make a point to believe it without my doubts. I feel so much more optimistic now. Thanks again!


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