Here’s a little trick that’s going to help you know – FOR SURE – that you are ALWAYS speaking fluent Universe & asking for what you DO want instead of what you don’t.

Let’s play a game.

If I tell you to think about a pink elephant, what pops into your mind?

A pink elephant.

Now if I say do not think about a pink elephant, what do you see in your mind?

A pink elephant.

It’s because the focus is still the pink elephant.

All of those other filler words mean absolutely nothing to your subconscious mind – which is where the magic happens.

The IMAGE is what speaks to that subconscious mind.

Even though you consciously are desiring a pink elephant or whatever it is that you want, you have to make sure that the image in your mind is what you really want, not just the words, not just the hope.

Here’s another one that so many peeps get wrong – MONEY.

The Desire : to be debt free.

Say that to yourself.

“I want to be debt-free.”

What’s popping into your mind?

Are you seeing yourself shopping on rodeo & flying around on a private jet?

When you are requesting to be debt-free, you’re not focused on money, you’re focused on DEBT.

DEBT is what’s being communicated to your subconscious mind.

If you want to attract more money or get yourself out of debt, you don’t focus on getting you out of the debt, you focus on ABUNDANCE.

Dolla dolla bills….

What’s it looks like for you AFTER any debt is long gone & you’re rollin’ in the bling.

What’s popping into your mind now that you’re thinking about that? Better isn’t it?

Ok let’s take a step further because I just can’t not.

Say you aren’t sure what’s popping up in your mind. Maybe it feels fuzzy.

Maybe you have so much going on up there you can’t decipher what’s being shown to the SubC or clearly see anything.

That’s totally normal & here’s how to ALWAYS know what you’re really thinking & believing.


That’s right, the E word.

When you hear to “feel the feelings” of what you want it’s not because those feelings are magnet for more of things that make you feel those feelings – this is big LoA misconception.

Your emotion is your guidance system for how to always know what you really are BELIEVING.

It’s HOW to know if your SubC is aligned with your conscious mind & desire.

So if you’re placing an order for your desire & it doesn’t feel amazing, you’re not asking for the right thing OR you don’t believe you can have it.

So how do I fix that? I’m gonna tell you.

When you are visualizing & you’re allowing yourself to imagine (in IMAGES) what you want to create – you know that your SubC is getting on board when you begin to feel the feeling of experiencing it – NOW – in the present moment.

Just. Like. A. Fantasy.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

The SubC has NO way of deciphering between past, present & future. It’s ALL present to the SubC so let yourself get into it & daydream until you feel like you’ve already experienced it.

Is this helping??

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