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You’ve got a world changin’ vision for your  biz which includes getting your message out & bringing abundance IN.

But it’s not quite going as  planned…


* Money blocks?

You’ve got ’em! And “working on them” has become an overwhelming, full time job.

* To say you’re easily triggered is a gross understatement.

A quick scroll through your newsfeed leaves you feeling stuck, frustrated, angry, resentful, jealous, guilty, envious, discouraged, defeated, embarrassed (insert ick emotion of choice)

* You feel stuck & frustrated in your biz (& your life)

You thought doing this work would make you feel free & happy, but taking action & getting your work & message out in the world feels hard & exhausting & you’re spinning your wheels.

* You try desperately to remain positive & grateful…

… yet you keep finding yourself in the same places… with the same type of people… attracting the same patterns…. that make you feel the same way… over & over & over again.


Manifesting is less about struggling to raise your vibe up & more about learning to let go of what’s pulling it down.

The best, most magical tool for doing that: FORGIVENESS.


*** Creates MOVEMENT in your work AND life & literally lightens you up. ***

You know how light & energized you feel when you clean up & declutter your external space?

Imagine how much lighter you’d feel if you did that on the inside!

Forgiveness is energetic drano.

*** Helps you feel clear & more focused.***

With yourself & others so you make better choices, move forward with ease & have way more fun.

Forgiveness lifts the fog. 

*** Helps you manifest like a M*&!%F*%@#*! ***

In order to see, & RECEIVE aaaallllll of the cool things that you want to create in your work & life you need to be in a state of ALLOWING.

Forgiveness’ll do that for you. 

*** Forgiveness is your ticket to WHY you want the money & success.

Remember, whatever you feel on the inside is what will be reflected back to you on the outside. NOT the other way around.

You want money & success for the emotional experience it will give you. Freedom, happiness & peace.

But you need to cultivate those feelings first inside of you in order to experience them in your reality.

Forgiveness is the how.


What makes THE EASY PEASY FORGIVENESS PROCESS™ cool is that it does not focus on WHO you need to forgive.

It works by helping you find & then defuse emotionally charged memories one by one.

An “emotionally charged” memory or a “hot” memory is a memory that doesn’t feel so great to think about.

In fact, it may be a memory you try NOT to think about it, but by avoiding or pushing away the memory you keep yourself in a state of resistance.

This dims your light, pulls down your vibe & keeps you creating the same patterns & situations in your life that reflect back to you the very icky feelings you don’t want to feel.

Watch this video to understand how true forgiveness will lift your vibe & positively affect your perception.

*** Please note : the class that I speak about at the end is no longer available ***


This is not affirmations.

I have nothing against affirmations, I love ’em & use ’em, but this is a much deeper process.

This is also NOT a meditation.

Although THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE™ process feels like a relaxing meditation & has some aspects of visualization, it is a specific process that I am guiding you through that allows you to truly release and let go & you will be able to know, feel & gauge when you have.

It’s not a one & done type of deal.

You are an onion. You have layers that these patterns have created & you’ll have more than one memory to diffuse.

Every time you let it go you broaden your perspective & shift the course of your life.

While shifts can & do happen fast, it’s not a magic bullet & you probably will not win the lottery or have a 7 figure launch overnight. (although anything is possible ;))


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.26.54 PM

THE EASY PEASY LOA FORGIVENESS PROCESS™ is a DIY process that shows you HOW to forgive & is designed so that you know & feel you’ve let go – for good.

The entire EASY PEASY LOA™ FORGIVENESS Digital Workbook.

* Fill it out on your laptop or use the prompts to journal your answers if you prefer to write by hand. (I do.)

* A video w/ tips for how to get the most out of your forgiveness work as well as to expect & how to prepare before & after you’ve let it go like a mofo.


The process is designed so that you will feel & know whether or not you’ve truly shifted & let go. So even though it’s emotional / energetic, you can still gauge your progress.

(how cool is that!?!!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.56.34 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.47.50 PM


Then you’ll love THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE™ for the first time EVAR, I’m offering this as a DIY audio.

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The Digital Workbook is normally only available to my students as part of my EASY PEASY LOA™ online program ($499 Value) & THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE™ is only available to 1:1 clients ($2499 +) & to my students in my EASE-Y MONEY program ($1499).

But forgiveness is SO. DAMN. POWERFUL. that I wanted to offer it on it’s own.

You’ve got 2 ways to pay.

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All you have to lose, is being pissed off.

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