You want to create a brand & work that moves people.

That inspires & affects change.

You KNOW, in the deepest parts of your soul that you’re meant to do something BIG.

There is no other option for you.



You have pages, post its & an iPhone FULL of ideas.

You jump from writing – to Facebook – to branding – to chocolate & back again.

You’re definitely busy! Busy is your JAM!

But your wheels just spin… & spin… & spin…. 

You don’t know where to start or how to tie it all together in a way that expresses

YOUR vision the way YOU see it in that pretty lil’ head of yours…


Painfully, PAINFULLY frustrating.

Coupled with an extremely uncomfortable sense of urgency.

Time is a tickin’…. 

It feels like it’s happening for everyone, but YOU.

Which has resulted in: 


You have short bursts of inspiration that get you all fired up

& SO excited to take action, start a revolution and change the world!

But momentum quickly fades as you scroll through your newsfeed 

& begin COMPARING yourself to your peers….

Your branding, your credentials, your ideas, your thighs.


Tired of thinking’ about ’em, talking about ’em & trying to figure it all out.

You wanna drop ‘em like they’re hot & bask in the blissful RELIEF of



You wanna wake up every morning SO friggin’ off the charts excited to start your day because you’re THAT energized by what you’re doing.

To know EXACTLY what you’re next step is & EXACTLY how to take it.

And if you if you dont know, you want to know how to find out.


In your work, your message, your decisions, & YOURSELF so you can stop behaving like an internet marketer & start BE-ing the super star leader you know you are.


Like the Universe has your back & that everything is FINALLY falling into place.

Ideas & insights appear when you need them. The right peeps show up & the opportunities are knocking on YOUR door.

You want to see & FEEL progress.

In your work, your life AND in your bank account.

You got into this whole online biz world for a reason.


That means feeling FULLY SELF EXPRESSED in your work while making a difference in the world, having FUN while doing it AND you’d like it all served up with a



You’ve created the same jail-like pattern & turned your dream “freedom” business into another, HARD, exhausting, unfulfilling JOB. a

Only now you yourself work in old yoga pants (sans shower) & for way more hours & way less money.

I want to help you change that.

I’ll show you how to:

* CLIMB OUT OF OVERWHELM so you can feel lighter, more focused, CLEAR & CONFIDENT about your direction & your decisions.

You’ll know EXACTLY what to do to leave these patterns behind you FOR GOOD.

* MANAGE YOUR ENERGY so you can move through the frustration & resistance that’s making you cray-cray… & consistently start moving forward with your work (& your life!) with MORE EASE.

*And to give you the SUPPORT that’s NEEDED when you DIG, DETOX, DESIGN & RE-ALIGN who you really are in order to embark on the brave path of leadership & ALLOWING your truest dreams & desires to come true.

“Having a background in science, I have always been a bit skeptical, but working with Susan was amazing! Within 20 minutes she had found out the underlying cause from decades ago that was causing my money aversion! A week after our session I sent out one invoice which was the same amount as the total during the past 6 months!! This works!”



You wanna wake up every morning SO friggin’ off the charts excited to start your day because you’re THAT energized by what you’re doing.

You want to know EXACTLY what you’re next step is & EXACTLY how to take it.

And if you if you dont know, you want to know how to find out.


In your message, your direction, your decisions, & yourself. Period.


Like the Universe has your back & that everything is FINALLY falling into place.

Ideas & insights appear when you need them. The right peeps show up & the opportunities are knocking on YOUR door.

You’re longing… to bask… in the blissful RELIEF of


To see & FEEL progress.

In your work, your life AND in your bank account.


You left the 9-5 (6,7,8,9…) or avoided it because you’re longing for the FREEDOM that comes with feeling fully self-expressed in your work & being your own boss.

But you’ve created the same jail-like pattern… only now you work in old yoga pants (sans shower) & for way less money.

went through that same HELL when I left my cushy, albeit miserable, multi-6 fig job as a designer in the fashion industry to spend my days at the beach or in PJs with my laptop. 

Fortunately I turned lemons into lemonade & created this program so YOU don’t have to.

“Susan is an ass-kicking mentor who won’t let you down and won’t let you settle for less. She helped me take a big leap in my life & made it not so scary with doable steps and goals. She had the ability to listen to all those jumbled thoughts in my head and pick out what I knew to be the right answer or path for myself, but was too stressed to figure out on my own. Whether it is moving on from a job you no longer love to creating a new business for yourself, she can help-she helped me with both! Susan helped me to believe in me and I would recommend her to anyone who feels “stuck” and wants to move forward.”


“After working with Susan I quickly began feeling so many shifts in both my confidence and ability to receive money. She helped me dig deep to find and clear limiting beliefs and old money blocks that were holding me back from abundance in my work and in my life. I even got a new client during one of our coaching sessions! Now business is booming, I just moved to an amazing new apartment and opened my own office. All good things…and I couldn’t have done without her help!”




Gurrrrl you’re gonna get to know yourself on a whole other level.

We’re gonna create a filter that allows you to make decisions based on what you want & ultimately who you really are.

This is where the EASE lives! The FLOW. The FUN. TIME STOPPING. Your happy place…

It’s where you want to be. Where you were BORN to be.


Does this word make you wanna run off to a galaxy far, far away?

I’m a former commitmentphobe myself, avoided it like the plague, but in doing that I ended up feeling MORE trapped.

You’ll understand why you haven’t been able to commit & what’ll make it feel good.

I promise you, that FREEDOM you crave? It’s on the other side of your commitment.


I’ll show you that you are “ready” to start doing what you came here to do & BEing who you came here to be & how to build momentum in your self belief as you move forward.

We’ll also pin point what you may have to let go of in order to realize your vision & yourself.

The fears, doubts, stories, beliefs & old emotional imprints that stem from them & keep you creating those old patterns.


We’ll make a plan for visibility & get you comfy with being “seen”,

Not just in your work, but in all areas of life so you feel expressed & understood.

You’re meant to do what makes you happy & feel in flow, you’re a creator & You’re here to BE an expression.

And what good are your gifts & talents if you’re hidin’ them from your tribe?


Abundance is NOT the same as financial success. It’s way better.

I’m going to teach you a new, much more effective, way of managing your time & your money. (so you get to have both!)

Learning how to live & work from this place IS your ticket to abundance. (& everything else that you want.)


We do a lot of work during the sessions, but you’ll also receive sometimes fun, sometimes uncomfortable, but always rewarding next steps and exercises in between sessions so you keep growing and moving toward your dream AND to keep your dream moving toward you.


I do offer email support in between sessions to keep you inspired & on track.

I take on your dreams like they’re my own & believe in you SO much that you can’t help, but to believe in yourself.


6 SESSIONS = $3000

9 SESSIONS = $4500




“After and even during our session, I could feel the blocks busting. Talking to you I felt I could trust my instinct and could embrace the path that I was on. I came out feeling just a general sense of relief having been able to let go of some of the fears that were holding me back in business, but more importantly in life! You left me feeling understood and not crazy! I seriously cannot thank you enough for your time and wisdom yesterday, and also for letting me let it all out. It was so nice to speak with someone who can really understand how I am feeling. Today my gratitude is absolutely for finding such a great mentor in you!”



Full disclosure, I’m not for everyone.

And frankly, not everyone is for me. In order for us both to get what we need out of working together, it’s really important that we ‘click’.


* You have BIG dreams and want desperately to make them real.

* You take full responsibility for your actions and your life. You don’t make excuses, blame others or outside circumstances for your problems, issues or situation.

And if you do, you’re totally cool with me calling you out on it. Because I will. 🙂

* You’re honest, with me yes, but first & foremost, with yourself.

* You’re open. Open to constructive criticism, open to different points of view and open to learning new ways of doing things.

* Sense of humor is not mandatory, but it’s definitely a plus!


* I’m totally transparent and upfront with my peeps, ALWAYS and I’m a what you see is what you get kinda girl.

* I 1000% believe that anything is possible. I’ll encourage you to dream your BIGGEST dreams and when you think you’ve hit your limit, I’ll push you a little further.

* I’m passionate, direct & sometimes (often) blunt. I swear. And I can’t promise that I won’t be in yoga pants when we meet.

But I can promise you this.

You’ll leave our sessions feeling clear, inspired and jump out of your skin excited to move forward. A-ha moments are the norm.

If you’d like a 15 min meet & greet to see if I’m the right coach for you just shoot me an email or CLICK HERE TO APPLY.


Even just THINKING of my session with Susan makes me feel lighter. Thinking about your thoughts can seem odd when you’re stuck in the day-to-day, but when you actually STOP to realize the power of your thoughts? It’s life-changing. I’ve been intrigued by this whole concept of visualization for a while, and without even realizing it, Susan helped me tie it directly back into my faith. It’s a dreamy combination. She knows her stuff, she’s a blast to hang out with, and she can/will help you MAKE your dream come true. Literally. Spend as much time in her space as you can!


“I was working on a specific money pattern for years and wasn’t totally able to put the feelings into words. In just 30 minutes with you I was able to pinpoint the feeling exactly and notice how it was playing out in my life. This felt like a big win for me 🙂 You were super easy to talk to and I loved that you brought in lots of personal examples. It was fun and gave me a greater sense of clarity as to where I was stuck. I also loved that you provided me with so many useful resources for moving forward. And I was deeply impressed by how much effort you put into the follow-up. You have gone way above and beyond 🙂 Thanks so much for the insights and clarity you offered. I appreciate you hugely!”


“Susan Ferraro is a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with. Not only was she extremely helpful and encouraging, she actually understood my big vision for my business along with those nagging fears. Within the short amount of time I worked with Susan, she helped me find clarity, suggested many solutions (which WORKED), boosted my confidence and eased my worries. After my session with Susan, I jumped around my house with excitement because I was so pleased with my experience.”


“Susan Ferraro is generous, intuitive and – if we’re being honest here – one smart cookie. She’s like the best friend you wish you had – the honest cheerleader who’s ready to help you do what it takes to get to where you want to go. Susan has helped me overcome blocks and fears that were stopping me from really going for my dreams. She continues to give me clarity and direction that makes things that used to seem so scary become so simple and doable. I love that she truly believes in me and believes I can do, be, or have anything I want. She’s able to simultaneously teach me, cheer me on, and give me the step-by-step plan to get there. I’m lucky enough to have her in my back pocket as my kick-ass secret weapon who will stop at nothing to help me succeed.”


“I had the opportunity to work with Susan on the nuts and bolts of manifestation and I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied.  She was very helpful throughout the entire process and answered all of my questions with great tips and actionable items! I think the most invaluable thing about Susan is the fact that she has much first-hand experience with manifestation, thus, she understands just where you are in your journey and can help you take the leap into the next level. Out of the different manifestation coaches I have worked with, I felt like I was able to connect with Susan the best, something which made the experience a very comfortable and pleasant. Thank you Susan, I would most definitively do business with you again, and would gladly refer to anybody who is looking for a great manifestation coach.”


“Susan has the perfect balance of intuition, compassion and practical all fired up wisdom to help you realise what you want and show you that it’s totally possible to achieve it. When we’re trying to live BIG lives, it seems that every day brings a new wobble or an ‘am I sure I really want to do this??’ crisis of confidence. This is where Susan shines. She is real. She has been there and she knows how to support you through it. She reminds me that anything is possible and that I am capable of meeting the goals I set for myself. She gives advice, support and ballsy encouragement to help me shine. When I see her name in my email inbox or I know I’m meeting her for a Skype session I feel relief. My goals become her goals and I know that I’m not figuring it all out by myself. Invaluable. She’s like the perfect kick-ass big sister. She wants the absolute best for you. She’ll help you figure out what you want and she’ll give everything she’s got until you’ve achieved it.”


“Susan is one of my go-to people when I need a swift kick in the butt, clarity & direction, and some laughs.For a long time I was stuck on the trajectory of doing what I thought I “should” be doing to get my business off the ground. Susan helped me leave that behind and instead focus on manifesting what I wanted to be doing. She was very supportive when I lacked faith in my idea and helped me push past the fear and believe in myself and my big vision. If you have the chance to work with Susan I highly recommend it… you won’t regret it!”


“I was not sure if manifesting really worked, but Susan’s vibrant personality made me curious and I wanted to know how it works for her and if it can work for me too. I loved Susan’s energy! She’s focused, tough, generous and very loving. She lives up to the high expectations on her home page. In only one intensive session she empowered me on my new path. If you are at all on the fence, not sure if the law of attraction really works, do yourself a favor and book a session with Susan! She will clarify all questions, show you how to clear your blocks and set you up for your personal manifesting adventure.”


“Im always quite skeptical about getting on Skype with someone new, What if it doesn’t flow? What if I can’t fill the extra space? With Susan that was absolutely no problem, she made me feel like we had been friends forever. Her loving energy and appreciation for all beings was evident instantly. My time with Susan ignited a spark inside and ever since, I have been running on all cylinders!”


“I was feeling stuck and depressed. Graduated from school all excited thinking I would finally be able to do something I enjoy. Instead I found myself singing the same old song of hating my job only this time I was doing something far more stressful AND was paying through the nose in student loans to do it. ($400 new debt a month only $1 more an hr than what I was making before the new debt. I’m not a mathematician but those #’s don’t add up!)  I thought my dream job was just that, a dream and not realistic. You allowed me to see that everything I have EVER done has set me up to do what I was meant to do AND that what I am meant to do is exactly what I dream of doing. The biggest a-ha was the job I have now that I detest more than any other I have ever had (even scrubbing toilets!), will help in one of the biggest steps of turning my dream into my reality. I was extremely comfortable just letting it all flow and following you into that flow. You allowed my to see connections I was unable to see because of all of the limiting beliefs I LET get in the way. Thank you!”


“After working with Susan I finally let go of a MISERABLE work environment and before I knew it I had a new full time job that pushed me into the next tax bracket! She is a wealth of knowledge on the law of attraction primarily because she lives it herself everyday. She’s encouraging and supportive when you need it; she knows when to give you space because ultimately she knows that you are really the source of your power and she lets you test that out in a safe space.Is it any wonder that I consider her my go to person?”


“Susan you are awesome. Warm, friendly, and you know your stuff! You got me all excited about manifesting and you reminded me that it’s meant to be FUN! You were really easy to talk to – I really enjoyed our conversation. I was buzzing after our call – couldn’t wait to try out what you’d told me! I’ve already received 75% off a course that I really wanted to do, without even trying (after just two days of the journaling exercise)!”


“Susan, I feel really blessed that I got to work with you! You weren’t afraid to speak your mind and go there with me, yes you’re very intelligent and seem to have on point intuition, but you also don’t beat around the bush. Your tact and kindness are overpowering, but your straight talk is awesome!!!! You helped me connect the dots and make sense of what was going on. My biggest a-ha was that I could shift back towards a focus on manifesting which was not where I thought I was going with that session. I was afraid of that subject and I needed to be reminded that it is really just a willingness to get back in the driver’s seat of my life, which for me was through forgiveness. I walked away renewed and challenged. You took me somewhere I wouldn’t have gone without you.”


“Susan is AWESOME. Besides being a passionate, positive and inspiring soul, she harbors a truly genuine drive to guide others to fulfill their dreams and live to their fullest potential. Every time we speak, her insight and open-mindedness open doors for me that otherwise would have remained undiscovered.”


“I’ve worked with Susan for the past year and a half and it’s been a wonderful experience. She has a way of guiding our conversations and helping break down my limiting beliefs, sometimes without me knowing it and always making the process fun. I’ve been able to work through a lot of self doubt with her help and consistent positive reinforcement; I can honestly say she cares deeply for the people that she is working with, it shows in the effort she puts into each session. I would highly recommend anyone work with Susan, regardless of where you are in your process of pursuing your passion. She can get you to the next level, whether it be getting past the stumbling blocks of figuring out what you actually want or helping you nail the interview. I’ve gotten through the first of those milestones and I’m working on the second, so I’m speaking from personal experience. I’m so grateful to have worked with Susan.”



The ONLY thing in between you & your dreams is YOU.