Have you ever wanted something sooooOO bad, except it was for someone else?

Maybe you watched your loved one drown in a sea of debt after they lost their job. Or maybe they have health issues you wish you could help them heal. Maybe your best friend is in an awful relationship and you want to find her a new man who treats her the way YOU feel she should be treated.

Today I’m answering a question that comes up a lot:

Is it possible to use the law of attraction to manifest something for someone else?

The answer is yes. And no.

It’s not 100% cut and dry so I’ll explain with some examples.

If you and the other person both want the same thing, are both aware of the LoA and are actively working together on the same outcome by intending, visualizing or however you choose to align yourself with the vibration of whatever it is you want, then yes.

Two or more bodies intending the same outcome & vibrating at the same frequency are more powerful than one for sure!

BUT, if the person you’re trying to manifest for is NOT aligned (even if they say they want it) it won’t manifest or I should say it won’t be received.

Here’s what I mean.

Say you know and care about someone who is going through a rough time financially.

They’re going deeper and deeper into the hole and you do your best to try to keep them positive, but they hang on to the vibration of ‘les mis/poor me’ most of the time, which creates more opportunities for them to feel miserable.

You can’t bare to see them in so much pain so you decide that you will manifest money or ways to make money for them. And you can, but it doesn’t mean they’ll receive it or allow it into their reality.

If you’re vibing at the right frequency money & money opportunities will show up all over the place in YOUR perceived reality.

You could win some and want to give it to them, but they won’t accept a handout. You can come across the perfect job description, but they’ll find a gazillion reasons why it won’t work for them. Or they do go to an interview and subconsciously sabotage it by being late or awkward.

If they’re not aligned themselves they will push the opportunities away. They won’t “allow” it into their reality.

I know the feeling of wanting to fix everything and make the problems of our loved ones go away so they can be happy, healthy and all of those other things we humans say that we want, but if they can’t or won’t receive what you’re bringing in, it’ll be draining and disheartening for you.

I have a new motto and I say it to myself whenever I feel that disheartening frustration kicking in, “It’s not my job”.

It’s not our job to fix anyone else’s problems other than our own. We are only responsible for ourselves. They need to learn in their own time, in their own way. The only job you have is to love them anyway.

It’s the only thing you have control over.

The best thing to do is to shower them with love, compassion and appreciation as much as you can. Instead of manifesting for them, focus on helping them get their vibes up more consistently so they can manifest for themselves.

The energy of our thoughts, intention and emotions are extremely POWERFUL.

Way more powerful than we give them credit for and showering someone with gratitude and love will most certainly affect them in a positive way (even if you do it in your mind or from a far).

When they’re ready to receive or allow whatever they need into their lives, they’ll manifest it on their own or they’ll ask for your help. In the meantime all you can do is be there for them in a positive & supportive way.

Easier said than done… I know, but remember this whole “life” thing is a practice.

Ok, your turn.

Can you relate? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences around this topic. Share in the comments below.




  1. Brenda

    This is a recurring theme in my life, whether it’s financial or emotional, and yes your right! It’s not my job to make things happen for people. I can just be loving an supportive but they have to “wake” up themselves. I will continue to “be there” for them but it’s important they do the work. You’re also right to say that it is easier said than done though. Great post, thank you!

  2. Stacey

    I can relate 100%…when I’m working with clients who really want to improve their health due to a significant medical condition, something like managing diabetes for example, I sometimes feel like I’m working really hard as the coach to make them finally be 100% ready to commit to a change. Now that I’ve been working as a coach for quite some time, I’ve learned to not work so hard and meet the client where they are, and just continue to support as best I can without trying to manifest their goals for them. If the client is willing to be just as patient with the process as I am, typically they reach an “ah-ha” moment or realization and things start to turn around! Great reminder to not work so hard for others and instead let others learn their own lessons…

  3. Susan Seale

    Hi Susan! My grandmother manifested me a teaching job almost 30 years ago. She really wanted me to work close to where she and my grandfather lived so she would pray every day that I would get a job at the elementary school down the road from where they lived.

    First, I got a job up north on a reserve for a couple of years and then came home. I went for interviews everywhere and made the rounds handing out my substitute teaching cards and didn’t expect to get anything because in those days there were NO jobs in populated areas of the province. Then one day, the phone rang and I’d been short-listed for a job I didn’t apply for. The principal had met me (sort of) during the summer (thru a prof I’d had at university who talked about me during a course where the principal was a contributor) and this principal wanted me on staff. Enrollment had gone up at their school. There were lots of folks older and more experienced. I shouldn’t really have got the job. I blew the interview because I was so nervous. I went home and ate a bag of crackers in my sorrow. then…

    I got the job.

    At that school down the road from where my grandmother lived…except she’d just moved into town and no longer lived there! So I drove allllll the way to my new job for 8 years and was grateful every time because I knew it was because of her prayers.

    According to a minister I know well…it’s a spiritual law that grandparents, parents and godparents can manifest things for their children.:)

  4. Ro

    My husband and I have done this! He has a very serious illness and we both wanted him to get better, so we could have a life together. We both lived as though he was not sick. Well, his condition is “stable” (he will never be cured–we can only hope for stability)…and he has been stable for a very long time now. The longer he stays stable…the more we live our lives as though the disease is not there…the more we live our lives, the more he stays stable… and round and round it goes! It’s wonderful! 🙂

  5. Shannon Elhart

    This is awesome, Susan! I’ve wondered about this many times. I am going to call a friend of mine up and forward this to her. We are having two similar ‘issues’ that we want to shift, and she is aligned. Having us work together, to benefit both of our growth, will be so much more powerful! I appreciate your advice very much!

  6. Beth

    I don’t think I’ve consciously tried to manifest something for someone else, but I have fervently wished for things for others, and you’re right … they have to want it for themselves. Lots of times they are invested in playing the victim of circumstances (I’ve been guilty of this as well). It’s hard to watch but everyone has their own lessons to learn on their own timelines.

  7. Shanda

    Susan, I love the way you consistently and brilliantly convey complex ideas in applicable bite size bits!

    The point you made that stands out the most for me is the power in loving and lifting up others vs trying to create change for them.

  8. Torrie

    This is soooo good!!! All my life I’ve tried to manifest FOR others…. most of the time I prayed/chanted and visualized for them…then one day I heard loud and clear “check their frequency.” I didn’t understand the message, but after days of meditating I finally understood that the U was telling me that I was wasting my time because this person I was trying to manifest something for wasn’t ready to receive it. The U was trying to avoid me feeling cheated, drained and pissed off (or feeling like my request was unheard).

    I won’t lie…it sucks ASS that we can’t just manifest for someone regardless of their frequency…but the truth is…that’s MAJOR protection. Otherwise people would be manifesting shit for us all the time…most of the time stuff we don’t want lol.

    I love that you remind us here to TEACH them…and EMPOWER them to get their vibes up. We don’t have to give up and stop trying…we just need to shift the energy to showing them the way. Such a good lesson! Thank you.

    I swear…you have the best blog EVER!!!

    1. Susan Post author

      Thank you so much Torrie!! I love that you love it 😀 And that’s such a great way of looking at it. The U protecting us, by not letting anyone manifest for us. Awesome point!

  9. Stacey

    Thank you I Am currently struggling with this. My husband currently works out of state and possibly want to move from our home town. The kids and I don’t want to for numerous reasons. I try to manifest a good job to come his way here, with no luck. I now see he has to want it to and put actions behind it himself

  10. Ildiko

    My spouse is struggling to keep his jobs, and mostly unsuccessfully. this has been going on for years, and we are financially strained. I’ve tried to be very supportive. He does not believe in the law of attraction. I’ve been telling him he needs to do more, and he just told me that maybe it is my fault that bad things happen to him. I am a worrier and always see bad things coming in our financial area, and mostly because of him. Is that possible that I caused all the “misfortune” in his job situations? Eventually it is part of our financial picture, which i constantly worry about. I’ve read before that we cannot manifest for others, but i am confused. Our financial situation is connected, we are on the same bank account. Every time I do good at my work and raise my salary, his pay reduces, or he does not get enough assignments. Is he right about blaming me?

    1. Susan Post author

      Ildiko, I’m so sorry you’re going through that.

      I promise you that NO ONE is responsible for anyone else’s experience of reality. Meaning it is NOT your fault that he is having job misfortune.

      You can’t create for someone else. Reality is a reflection of each individuals belief system. And it can feel like you’re responsible if you both have similar beliefs, but I assure you his experience is all his. Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening FROM you.

      I have a free training coming out on Jan 19th and it will help you understand all of this, especially the first video where I explain how it all works. You can get it here if you’re interested,

      Keep doing what you’re doing for yourself. You can’t make him participate, but your shifts & changes could inspire him if he sees you in action 🙂

  11. Sarah

    People say that whatever we think about, gets manifested in our life. If i think I am happy, then good things will happen to me and I i think I am sad then bad things will happen to me.So, does that mean that if I think anything about someone and that person has even a small fear or wish for that to occur, then it will get manifested in their lives? For example, I meet so many people every day and almost all of them want certain things like health, happiness and wealth and are afraid of thins like financial problems, illness, death. So, if I just think that ‘this person in front of me looks very miserable. He’s probably ill’ and he HAS a small fear that maybe I’ll fall ill sometime in the future, so does that mean he is aligned (because we’re both thinking the same thing) and that there is a possibility that he MAY fall ill. This makes it feel that I have to watch my thoughts all the time. I realize that not every thought has the power to manifest itself but how can I know which thought will manifest itself and which won’t? I am really confused about this. Also, if we can’t create in someone else’s reality, then how can our positive thoughts affect them and not negative thoughts? In the comment above, you said that Ildiko’s thoughts did not have anything to do with her husband’s job but in the post you mentioned that our positive thoughts and love (even if we just do it in our mind) can affect them.
    Your blog has helped me immensely in understanding the different aspects of the Law of Attraction. I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction but I have not been able to understand the bit about ‘manifesting for others’ and how our thoughts affect their reality. Please help me.

    1. Susan Post author

      Hi Sarah, I’m sorry for your confusion! And I know the loa can be confusing because 90% of how we create is from our subconscious and unconscious mind. Our conscious thoughts are only 10% of the game.

      Look at this way – you do not create based on one thought you create based on your belief system.

      Your beliefs dominate your thoughts which create emotions which filter your perception of reality. This is why no 2 are alike.So while you may see something for someone else they can’t experience it for themselves unless their own belief system is aligned with it also AND they allow their experience of it.

      If you haven’t watched it yet, check out my free training here : I explain a lot in those videos it may give you more clarity. I hope this helps and thanks again for you comment! XX

  12. Jennifer

    First let me tell you I just subscribed and I’m loving every bit of this. This is so interesting and informative and so on my line of thinking I just didn’t know how to put it all in words.
    Unfortunately this whole thing rings true with me, my fiancé is sick has heart disease and quite frankly we’re not sure how much life he has in him. Before me his outlook on life was very bad, he did not except his illness I mean he never wanted to die but basically acted as if it wasn’t there if that makes sense. I came along tried to make him see how important taking care of himself was which led us to numerous fights and disagreements. Without writing a book I was healthy so I thought unfortuney I fell short and had to have surgery and ended up being injured by a dr and had an organ chopped and became septic.
    After being sent home and septic poison shock setting in organ failure and primarily kidney failure 1 month in the icu a year later and 5 surgeries in this short year I’m alive and very well. I’ve fought the fought of my life this past year but my moral to this story is thru my attitude being so positive and strong and the love of another person I’ve survived when I was given a small 18 percent chance to live. In return my dedication to life and my positive attitude has given my boyfriend a whole new outlook and together I feel we’re aligned. He has started accepting his illness and doing much better and living a much healthier life.
    Today, we are both living and fighting together to keep our health straight but we know with the help of god and us together we’re gonna do it. I always try and be positive and I’m one of the happiest people ever everyone always says are you really that happy I say yes but I have to say this is by the far the best thing I’ve listened to in a long time. Very inspirational and very true. Thank you Susan this is great thank you for sharing and keep it coming.

  13. Adiga

    My best friend’s dad is planning to change her school but she wants to stay in my school and so do I. What can I do so that she stays in my school?
    Pls help

    1. Susan Post author

      Adiga, think about why you guys want to stay together. You want to focus on still being friends, being able to nothings together have each other etc. If you focus solely on where that happens you put yourself in a state of resistance.

      It’s about trusting that the U has your back. The Universe is smarter than us 🙂 There could be reasons for her going to another school that you guys don’t know about yet, but you can – together – manifest what’s underneath you being at school together.

      Make a list of all of the cool, fun things you guys get out of being in school together & decide you will still do those things no matter what happens. Maybe she’ll stay maybe she’ll go, but you’ll still have what you really want underneath the surface. <3

  14. Saba

    For several years after a move to a place that I didn’t like, I’ve tried focusing my energy on going back to the place that I did love, but without success. It was because of my father’s job that this move happened and I guess everyone else in my family was happy about it apart from me. Could their negativity towards moving back be the reason for me staying stuck? Can you tell me why this could be? Thank you for this wonderful article.


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