Have you ever been trying to manifest more money, but it comes from an unexpected source and you’re not sure accepting it would be in your best interest?

I know I’ve been there…

On one hand you WANT to accept it SO bad! Free, easy money in your face!

But at the same time you’re left wondering if that would be the “right” thing to do, or worse, could it hurt your chances of bringing in more money after the fact?

It can.

The other day a friend presented me with a similar “quandary”.

She had purchased 4 window panels from Target (can I say Target in my blog?) and she wanted to return them, but she noticed that on the receipt that she was undercharged.

She was only charged for 3.

She had been consciously working on manifesting more money into her life and she wanted to know if it would be dishonest if she received the money back for all 4 or if this was the U bringing her abundance?

Here’s my take.

Whenever I find myself in one of these situations I always check in with how I will feel after the fact.

That residual emotion is the one that’s going to attract your future, so you want to make sure it’s a feeling you want to have around.

If you leave the scene feeling guilty or like you’ve done something wrong in any way, that’s not great for attracting more abundance nor is it great for your overall well-being.

But if you feel you can walk away with a clear conscience, then go for it. (but do make sure it’s crystal clear ;))

If I have to lie, fake or smudge the truth to someone in any way, I know I won’t feel good about it after the fact. That’s what she would have to do in this situation to get the extra money bump.

Here are two scenarios where I felt comfortable and I did take it as a “gift”:

#1 I once found 20 bucks in a subway station and there were no signs of who or where it came from and no one was around. *1 for me, thank you U.

#2 I was at a restaurant with some friends, we paid the bill and after we left I was looking over my receipt. I noticed that I wasn’t charged for my drink.

My first thought was her tip. (I come from a long line of waitresses)

She still got a good tip so I didn’t feel any guilt about that and receiving a free drink by accident form a busy Brooklyn restaurant left no residual “ick” for me.

We kept walking and I took it as a free money bump. *2 for me thank you U.

Are there people who would go out of their way to go back and pay for that drink? Sure.

And I’m sure there are peeps who would be fine with pulling the wool over the eyes of Target as well.

Only you have to live with you, so only you can decide.

The bottom line is this:

Every sitch is different and the only way to know what will be right for you is to check in with your “honesty meter” and the residual emotions you’ll be left with after the fact.

If you don’t want those emotions hanging around, fess up.

Turns out that’s exactly what my friend did.

She presented Target with her conundrum and because she was up front about it they noticed a mystery $27.99 on her receipt for a pair of shoes she did not buy.

They went back through the security tapes and sure enough she was over charged by $4 for the 4th window panel.

THEY apologized and returned the full amount of the entire purchase, so in the end, she walked out with an unexpected $27.99. *1 for her, thank you U.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Has there ever been a time when something “came” to you, but you weren’t entirely sure you should accept it? How did you handle it or learn from it?

DON’T BE SHY! Share your story in the comments below.




  1. Laura

    Recently I found $10 in a parking spot that someone pulled out of, I picked it up, I felt I needed to ask them if it was theirs, I don’t think it was, but they said yes, so I happily handed it over 🙂 I would not have felt comfortable taking it if they really did drop it, so it made me feel better to keep it circling

  2. Janelle

    Awesome post, I love how you say to think about how you will feel afterwards. Not too long ago, I woke up with 2,000 in my bank account. I thought maybe it was from the U and that I should be happy and accept it. We were struggling at that time so it was very tempting! I went ahead and called the bank and it ended up being an error and the money was taken out. Oh well, I think if I had kept it and not said anything then I would feel guilty today and probably always have sense of worry around it. Like if the bank were to find it and take it back. Anyways thanks for this, loved reading it!

  3. Brenda

    Susan, what a great topic! I do agree with you that it’s all about your conscience. When a mistake happens at the register and I notice it right away, I do mention it. However, if I don’t notice until I get home, sometimes I just let it go. Of course, it depends on how much the item is. Your friend did the right thing and was awarded!

    1. Susan Post author

      I love how that works. A friend of mine found 200 in a wallet once and ran after the owner. About an hour later he found ANOTHER 200 in cash on the floor of an empty casino! There was no one around and he didn’t know who to give it to and another friend convinced him to keep it that time. If it’s the U bringing it to you and he wants you to have it he’ll get it to you.

  4. Stacey

    Really nice message about how to determine if you should accept money from an unexpected source…your questions are so valuable to ask before making the final decision to pass or decline. The last time I made the decision to accept a discount was when my oldest 2 girls went to a camp for 2 weeks…because the teacher running the camp knew we were “repeat” customers and loved having my girls in attendance, she gave me a significant discount…I asked a couple of times to be sure that is what she wanted to do, and after she said “yes”, I returned the favor with a Starbucks gift-card…hopefully it was a win-win for both of us!

  5. Krista

    This is so perfect. I love your example and the fact that only YOU have to live with YOU and it’s the residual emotion that you are going to attract more of….Thank you!

  6. Suzanne Gray

    I was on the other side of the coin on this one recently. I got $40 cash back at the grocery, but forgot to take it out of the dispenser. When I remembered and went back it was gone. Apparently someone thought the Universe was feeling generous.

    At first I had really bad feelings about the person who would take the $ when the chances of the person who lost it coming back for it was probably 100 percent. Honestly, I felt robbed.

    But I gave it some thought and decided that instead I would wish blessings on whomever took the money and hope that it was a God-send for them that helped them out of a tight spot.

    That felt much better to me.

    Within a week, I found a $10 bill free-floating in my yard. I took that as a sign that the U was saying I’d done the right thing in shifting my mindset.

    1. Susan Post author

      Aww Suzanne I’m sorry you were robbed… But I LOVE how you flipped it! Such a compassionate way of looking at it.

      1. Elizabeth

        I’m so sorry that happened to you, but wanted to let you know not everyone one would just take it! I had a similar situation happen, but in reverse, I was the recipient. I found $20 at a self-checkout register at the grocery store, but I thought about how I would feel if that was my money. So I gave it to the clerk and he said if no one claimed it within 48 hrs, it would be mine. After 48 hrs, I checked in and he gave it to me. I felt better about receiving it than just taking it.

        I also like how you shifted your mindset. 🙂

  7. Torrie

    OMG Susan!!! Somehow you ALWAYS write about something I was JUST asking myself! This same scenario happens to me at least once per month…and EVERY TIME I fess up. A friend once told me I was blocking my blessing by letting a store know they accidentally forgot to charge me for one of my items ($50). I told her it’s not a blessing to rip someone off and if it was actually MEANT to be my blessing…the $50 would find it’s way to me later that day.

    Turns out, every this happens….somehow I do receive more abundance. Then I realized…it’s not that the initial money was my blessing… I simply end up getting a high five from the U for not fucking someone over.

    I can NOT in a clear conscious accept money if it’s going to cost someone else. Finding money on the ground and no one is around? Hells yeah! Accidentally receiving $20 too much in change from a cashier? No thanks ♥

    Thanks for confirming this.

  8. April

    Great post Susan!! What a fantastic, non-judgmental way to help others when these “gifts from the Universe” present themselves. Great job!! Thanks for the wonderful perspective!

  9. farah

    hey Susan! I happened to find a tenner on the floor of a takeaway, it could have belonged to a previous customer. For a moment I felt- ouch, what if it was me who had dropped it and now wondering what had happened? I believe money is energy and there is a circle of life. I kept it, and ended up paying for something else with it- for someone else. Money keeps circulating. I agree with you re your own conscience. No-one likes losing, so little wins, whatever they are or however they come by, are just that, little wins!

  10. victoria m.

    I had something similar happen to me not too long ago. Long story short I ended up getting a refund on a book that was supposed to be lost and that I ended up finally getting months later. It’s not that I didn’t want to pay the bookstore, in fact I never asked the bookstore for a refund and instead told them I would pay for s&h if they ever found the book… but they just re-funded the money and when I finally got the book I took it as a gift from the universe 🙂

  11. Clare J Fitzgerald

    Hey Susan,
    Great post. It certainly got me thinking about when something like this happened to me recently.
    I went to my usual coffee shop and it was really busy, so I ordered my usual coffee and sat down.
    Where i was sitting was a group of people who met for lunch and they all were leaving at different times and going up and paying their part of the bill separately.
    Later a waitress came up to the last guy left from the group to check because someone hadn’t paid for 2 meals and it turned out that one person had left and not paid.
    I took note of that and thought to myself, I’ll have to make sure I don’t forget to pay then!
    And guess what? I got absorbed in what I was reading, finished my coffee and walked out and completely forgot to pay.
    I didn’t even realise til later that night when I got the guilts. So the next day I went back, picked up a coffee and paid for the one from the day before. The waitress said thanks for being so honest and I reminded her about the problem she had the day before. She then told me hardly anyone ever comes back and pays when they forget so I was a good customer for coming back and letting them know :).
    So I got a nice compliment and felt better too

  12. Anne Omland

    Love this article, Susan! I can totally relate. I can’t think of a recent incident but I go with my gut, too. If I feel guilty, I don’t accept (crazy childhood Catholic guilt at play here). I feel like when you do that, return what isn’t yours/right, it brings more good to you. Thanks for sharing this!

  13. Sabrina Bolin

    It’s ALL about the energy! Love the outcome of this story too by the way – total win not only for her but also for Target who got the chance to step up and give excellent customer service!

    This conversation reminds me of the one I have with my coaching clients who are also looking to become coaches, as we usually bump up against the “money story” around what to charge (and even taking money at all for the services they provide!).

    Like you, I point it back to their energy – AND the opportunity they are giving their clients to truly invest in something meaningful in their lives.

    Clean up the energy, you clear up the vessel, and then it becomes infinitely easier to give AND receive!


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